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Jotto Desk for 2003-2005 Impala $150 Free shipping


You can also buy the correct attachment to drill free mount to your car from Jotto.
if you have any questions please ask.

Jotto Description
Solid 1 Piece Base connects under the passenger seat rails and fastens securely to the floor bolts, with No Drilling required! The Tube and Rod, used for vertical height adjustment, is easily adjusted with the use of the Soft Touch Knob and Screw. This will allow the laptop Desk to clear the center console in your car. The Articulating Swing Arm provides horizontal adjustment, so that the laptop can be positioned for comfortable use by either driver or passenger. The laptop Desk swing arm, and desk top are locked in position with the use of "Ratchet Handle" tighteners. Your laptop can be attached or detached in seconds, from the desktop, with the use of the patented Cable Dock™ laptop attaching system. This superior holding system can be adjusted to handle any size or type of laptop computer, including tablets. The desktop is made from an extremely rigid and durable plastic polymer, sits on an adjustable swivel point, allowing the Desktop to Swivel 360° and Tilt 320°. Ergonomic comfort while using your Jotto Desk mobile office Desk is assured because of it's wide range of adjustability! The laptop Desk will work equally well if your car has buckets or split bench seating.
This Jotto Desk laptop Desk is passenger friendly; leaving plenty of room for a person to sit in the front passenger seat with the laptop Desk installed. When no laptop Desk is required, the Jotto Desk is easily removed, without tools, in seconds.