Its Wintertime, Does Anyone Really Enjoy Winter?

Its Wintertime, does anyone really enjoy the winter?

Average Snowfall Totals Source: NCDC
42.4 in Colorado Springs, 60.3 in Denver, 33.2 in Pueblo

38.5 in Chicago, 30.7 in Moline, 24.9 in Peoria ,35.2 in Rockford ,23.1 in Springfield

14.1 in Evansville, 32.4 in Fort Wayne, 23.6 in Indianapolis, 70.8 in South Bend

33.1 in Des Moines, 42.7 in Dubuque, 31.9 in Sioux City, 31.9 in Waterloo

21.7 in Concordia, 20.3 in Dodge City, 37.7 in Goodland, 20.7 in Topeka, 15.7 in Wichita

41.1 in Detroit, 44.9 in Flint, 73.2 in Grand Rapids, 74.4 in Houghton Lake
48.8 in Lansing, 96.1 in Muskegon, 141.0 in Marquette(City), 117.4 in Sault Ste Marie

80.7 in Duluth, 65.5 in International Falls, 49.9 in Minneapolis, 48.9 in Rochester, 45.1 in St. Cloud

22.8 in Columbia, 19.9 in Kansas City, 19.6 in Saint Louis, 17.8 in. Springfield

30.3 in Grand Island, 27.8 in Lincoln, 29.9 in Norfolk, 29.9 in North Platte
29.9 in Omaha, 41.2 in Scottsbluff , 33.5 in Valentine

North Dakota:
44.3 in Bismarck, 40.8 in Fargo, 41.9 in Willston

09.5 in Oklahoma City, 10.0 in Tulsa

South Dakota:
37.0 in Aberdeen, 41.2 in Huron, 39.7 in Rapid City, 41.1 in Sioux Falls

04.6 in Abilene, 16.4 in Amarillo, 00.9 in Austin, Trace Brownsville, Trace Corpus Christi, 02.6 in Dallas, 00.9 in Del Rio, 05.3 in El Paso, 00.2 in Galveston, 00.4 in Houston, 04.6 in Midland, 00.3 in Port Arthur, 03.1 in San Angelo, 00.7 in San Antonio, 00.1 in Victoria, 01.4 in Waco, 05.8 in Wichita Falls

47.7 in Green Bay, 43.0 in La Crosse, 44.1 in Madison , 47.3 in Milwaukee

I love the challenge of forecasting winter sharpens the skills in advance of the spring season. To be honest, I'm still a kid at heart - staying up at night hoping it snows!
Well... I really don't like the cold, I am more of a warm weather person myself... consider that ironic though since I am Canadian and born during the winter! :lol:

But other than the cold, I do like to watch the snow fall. Big snowflakes rule! And forecasting winter storms is exciting for me plus it's much easier than forecasting when or where a supercell will pop up :eek:

And hey, when it's winter, it means Christmas, New Year's and my birthday are just around the corner! After all those dates are over with, the snow can all melt for all I care LOL 8)
I hate snow, and I hate ice. Hate driving on it, hate walking on it. The only ice I like seeing fall out of the sky is hail.
Originally posted by OU_WxGuesser
Donuts, Sledding, Snow Football, more Donuts.

Nuff' Said.


Ahhh.....a man after my own heart!! Amen!

They've gotta be Krispy Kreme's, mind........... :p

I guess I must too be a big kid - but it is notoriously difficult and therefore challenging to forecast (or as I call it *guess*) at winter storms.
But seriously - there can be nothing more special than waking up to the sound of snow-silence in the morning - as the few cars that are moving make no sounds while driving down the neighbourhood, and the land is blanketed in white stuff. It's just as special - and apparently rarer here in the "Norman pit-effect" area than springtime storms!!!

My 0.02,

Karen Rhoden
I really don't like winter. First of all, I like summer warmth, activities, and thunderstorms. Those aren't around in winter (mostly). What I like even less is the cold. I can't stand it, yes, you can dress for cold unlike the heat, but I'd rather be hot than cold. Of course, my physique is built for heat rather than cold. If it's gonna be cold though, it might as well be interesting and snow. It's a pain in the neck for travel, but is beautiful when freshly fallen and yes, fun to play in! I too enjoy the daunting challenge of winter forecasting. Another thing I don't like about winter are the dreary days. I probably suffer from S.A.D. to some degree, I feel energyless and less happy on dreary days, I need the sun! I of course suffer from SDS as well!

P.S. Mmmm, Krispy Kreme!
I hate heat. I hate Texas summers (except for the occasional air-mass storm).

I love snow, I love winter weather, and cold wx means all you have to do is bundle up.

That said, I've never lived north of 33 degrees latitude!

Morgan K5TVT
lived in Texas all my life.
When I was a kid, I dreamed many times of living in the northern clime, a place in my mind where winter lasted at least 9 months of the year and snow was never measured in inches, only feet. A place where each day you could make not only a snowman, but create a whole snowperson family reunion. A place where you could build and rebuild snow fortresses of all shapes and sizes and attack your enemy's snow fortress with large, catapult-launched snowboulders. It was my life's ambition to make that dream come true.

You see, we didn't get much snow in central Alabama. 2 inches would cause a major shutdown of everything, not the least of which were the schools. Oh, how we would rejoice! But, we also knew that in most cases, we'd have maybe have 2, 3 hours max to have fun in the fleeting snow, until it melted away and we were left once again with red, gooey clay. I HAD to get north.

But, a funny thing happened on my journey to the winterwonderland up north. I grew up.

So, when I got up here, the childhood magical visions I held of parading down the street with Frosty melted into the cold reality that the stuff I had longed for for so many years was nothing but a major headache!

So, do I like winter? You be the judge. :)


The joke at my high school in Abilene was that if someone spilled a snow cone on the highway, they would cancel school.

Not far from the truth.

Being that I live in California, winter is really the only time that I have any "excitement" (except for the occasional summer monsoonal thunderstorm in the Sierra/Nv's). It's always fascinating to track the storms coming in from the Pacific, and at least to try to forecast their route and intensity (snow levels are the most fun to attempt to predict).

Sometimes after a cold front moves through in late winter, it will lead to some instability in the valleys and possibly a few cold-core funnels, which is about as exciting as it gets over here.

So for me, winter isn't that bad - but if I lived in the midwest or plains, where "real" storms occur, winter probably wouldn't be my favorite time of year either!


When I use to live in Georgia, any snow would close down the town.
It was funny, the 4 letter word snow would send people in to the stores to buy up all the bread and milk.

Now, that I am in Canada, I am learning to hate snow :). Right now is 14F and about 4 feet of snow on the ground.
Originally posted by ScottK
I of course suffer from SDS as well!

I don't suffer from SDS...I'm "Convectively Challenged."

Originally posted by ScottK
P.S. Mmmm, Krispy Kreme!

Ohhh yeah. Ever since they opened up a KK here in Lafayette, I have been known to spend hours there with my "gang", eating donuts and watching a BMW sit in the parking lot for 30 minutes without anyone entering or exiting. What an exciting town...

You can't beat the feeling taking a walk by yourself or with your significant other when the snow is falling lightly, in the evening. (anyone know what the sound is called, that your shoes make when walking in newly fallen snow?)
That sound I call the "CRUNCH".

Of course if it's slush I call it the "SPLURSH".

And if it's ice I would call it "WHOAA" :lol:

I am probably one of the biggest winter weather nuts on this forum. Moving to the high plains, I knew what I had to look forward to. The center of it all for high plains supercells in the warm season (well, at least until about mid June, then it's the dry downburst/microburst mecca of the world!), and snow with high winds in the cold season, with the occasional big blizzard. I love to forecast winter system, and the combination of my love for winter storms and forecasting them, I took over the winter weather focal point duties at my forecast office.

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I love the gentle fall of light snow which forms a nice even blanket on everything, however the combination of snow and high wind always interests me. I get this all the time in southwest Kansas. The wind can sculpt the snow in amazing formations that even the most imaginative mind can't really create.

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And there's also something about seeing the snow blow completely sideways with visibility near zero and hearing that deafening "howl" that all blizzards seem to make. I have experienced two events that have been classified as blizzards in Dodge City since I moved down here, each 4 hour events. One of these days, the big one will come (perhaps something like 3/22-25/1957... a 44hr blizzard in Dodge City... okay maybe not). I'm not sure how I'll react! That may be a little excessive :wink:

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Mike U
It's Wintertime, Does Anyone Really Enjoy Winter?

I must still be a kid at heart, because I can't wait to get snowed in (and Here in East TN it doesn't take much, only 1-2"!!). Snow days involve playing in the snow and eating (well, that part DOES involve some work, but cooking things that one really shouldn't eat that much of makes it more fun!!).
Sitting here with snow flurries coming down (and little hope of getting ANYTHING useful out of it :cry: ), while 60 miles to the east in the mountains there's 15" and counting :cry:
At least the models are hinting at a possible Christmas present from Mom Nature :wink:
Anxiously awaiting May
I enjoy winter, as long as there is some interesting weather going on. Snow and ice can be nice to look at, but just not fun to drive on. I really like trying to forecast precipitation and snowfall amounts with winter storms. Warm season severe weather will probably always be my first love, but winter storms will be high on my list.
I have mixed feelings about Winter. I love the first few snows each season, but I do get rather tired of it after the new wears off so to speak. My favorite thing is getting a nice snow that does a good job of covering everything and hangs around a couple of days. Then I won't it gone! Snow that occurs during really cold periods that just lies there on the ground for a week at a time is not my idea of fun. Nor is the frozen precipitation that makes driving a hassle and takes out the powerlines. And standing outside for 20 minutes trying to pour warm water around my car door to get it unfrozen (did that this morning) is no fun either! So Winter obviously has it's up's and downs. But I think I still prefer Winter to those days when it's 90+ outside and humid. At least when it's cold you can layer on the clothing. But when it's too hot, there is only so much you can do to cool off. I guess that explains why I am a Spring and Fall kinda guy!
At least when it's cold you can layer on the clothing. But when it's too hot, there is only so much you can do to cool off.

I disagree, if it is hot you can get instant relief by jumping in a pool, walking into a air conditioned room, even pouring water over your head etc but when you are cold it can take up to 45 minutes to thaw out.. I hate the cold and when the first snow falls I start making escape plans back to Texas. Give me 109 in the shade any day. As far as driving on the snow well to be honest if it snows I am quite litterally stuck at home. I cannot drive on snow or ice and for my saftey and that of others I don't even attempt to get on the roads until they are cleared. I have a hit things issue that my insurance company is growing rather tired of LOL..
For me, winter means chosing at 7:15AM between walking to class in sub-zero (well, at least last winter) wind chills or waiting for the overcrowded CityBus to get me to class late. As far as I'm concerned, the best thing winter is good for is reminding me of the Simon and Garfunkel song "I Am A Rock." A winters day/in a deep and dark December....

Waiting for spring,
Like most, as a kid I enjoyed snow and ice but I think a majority of that was because snow and ice meant a day off from school. But now being in my 20's, I hate having to go through winter. The only thing winter offer's me is downtime to freshen up for the next storm season.

I guess you could say now is the time I upgrade my equipment, maps, and look at my goals and plans for the upcoming season. But other than that, I hate it. Not so much now as I did when I worked in TV, that was horrid. We would have a ton of ice and snow on the ground and when I worked in TV all I did all day was drive around on the stuff.. that sucked!

But now that I work just a few blocks from the house in IT, I don't worry about it anymore.