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Incredible MEASURED Wind Gust to 143 MPH in Stratton, VT

This is such an amazing report that I thought it deserved its own subject.

I just spoke with the NWS in Albany, NY and they are confirming a measured wind gust of 143 MPH this afternoon in Stratton, VT. The NWS called the ski resort who has a full weather station at the top of the mountain (at 3880 feet), and they confirmed the measurement. Amazing.
That's awesome. I'm hoping the ski lifts weren't running. I hope the NWS looks into this and it gets verified. Does anybody know how this stacks up in VT climatology? I imagine it ranks pretty high in wind speeds for VT. Howie, any insight into this?

Mouny Washington is in a little bit of a data blackout right now. Rest assured, they are gathering wind speeds. If Stratton gusted to 143, good news is going to come from MWN in the morning.
I checked with the MIC in Albany and he said while it is not an "official" observation by NWS standards, it is an observer with reliable equipment. His call about the shocking wind speed was also followed by many other calls to the mountain by media apparently. They verified that the equipment was functioning properly and that it was a good measurement. While the MIC isn;'t positive, he thinks that this is NOT a record for Stratton. But worth looking into if anyone has connection to Stratton Mountain Ski area in VT.

PS: Bad night for there to be 143 mph winds at a popular ski resort in VT on the 1st night of Mid-Winter vacation for the kiddies.
As of 10pm Mount Washington has only gusted to 137mph. Congrats to Stratton if that gets validated. I'm a little skeptical, but 120+ seems within reason.

Now that I am thinking. I couldn't imagine a 143mph wind hitting those large gondola cars at Stratton, especially perpendicular to their track. Not that the wind didn't happen, but that must exceed their design criteria. Hopefully, they had those gondolas all stored away.

This is worth revisitting. I'll do some research into VT's peak wind gusts.