Imagery and/or report request from NWS Lincoln IL

Dec 10, 2003
Mike Hardiman already posted about this , but since the information is still needed and I've heard reports of numerous other chasers, at least in the SPI area, here goes:


I'm relaying this for ILX. They're interested in any tornado video or photographs from last Sunday, especially from the Springfield IL and Farmer City IL areas. Also, if anyone knows of any tornado sightings --with or without imagery-- around Farmer City, please pass it along to the NWS (or me directly, and I'll forward it on your behalf).

Any help is much appreciated.

On a more general note, many of you are already good about doing this, but if you have any other videos or stills, the NWS is always looking for fresh material to use in spotter training and event documentation, they always welcome submissions from this and future events. If they use your material, you will get credit with name (and website, email, or whatever), and free showing to large audiences.


Please pass any info along to Mike at: [email protected] . They may still be particularly interested in stuff around southeastern Logan County northeast of SPI as well, in the Mt. Pulaski and Cornland areas. Perhaps Mike can update on this. Both ILX and LSX would be interested in any tornado imagery from SW of SPI as well, the tornado damage paths were quite complex at times and it would really help to sort things out.