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Hurricane Wilma - Chase Log Completed!

Good day everyone,

For your edification and enjoyment ... My full report and log for my chase of hurricane Wilma is complete, and can be seen at the link below...


Video log (Realmedia format) is also below...


My interception of Wilma was done on 10-24-2005 and stretched from landfall just NW of Everglades City and northeast-ward across the state to Palm beach.


The above picture is the calm eye of Wilma just NE of everglades City, FL at about 7:30 AM on 10-24-2005. You can see the "stadium effect" where the eyewall stretches from lower left to right. Note the blue sky overhead!


He he he he he ... White-out!! This is what winds gusting near 120-MPH does to the water in a canal in the FL Everglades! Any questions?

Take care,

Chris C - KG4PJN