hurricane hunter flights

Sep 25, 2006
What does a storm chaser have to do in order to take a hurricane hunter flight into the eye of a major hurricane? Ed
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You must be part of a media group (working for news, TWC, CNN) and have a background check before the flight.


I was up in the Gulfstream IV flight (NOAA AOC) over Katrina in the Gulf during late August 2005, helping another hurricane chaser I knew at the time doing stuff for CBS in Miami. I have some pictures as well as katrina stuff below...

If you are not part of the media in any way (media outlet, affiliate, etc) it is not easy to get on.

Such inquiries from "non-eligible" parties simply won't get answered, unfortunately, your dealing with the US Government anyway.
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I wrote to hurricane hunters many months ago and never got a reply. I also have no affiliation with any media source except when I chase with Roger Hill. Ed
They probably didn't reply since you didn't meet the criteria listed in the link posted above.
I checked with the hunters and they want real media only, not ride along for fun chasers so unless you have credited verifiable news credentials, pass a back ground check and their screening process, your not getting on the flight at all.