how many is your chase groups??

Jamie Lahowetz

I was feeling bummed today cause my partner opted to do something else instead of chasing and it got me thinking. how many people do you go chasing with? Do you go in pairs or by yourself? or do you go in large groups?
since i'm a newbie to the chasing community i have nobody but myself to go with :( , although i'd love to go with someone to see how it's really done
I've gone by myself before (May 29 when everyone was in KS and I was on the HP in Oklahoma), but I prefer to go with other people since I can get their input. It also makes the drive a lot easier to handle if you are going with others.
storm chasin

I still have yet to work on a group. I know a few people who get intrigued when talking about the weather, but I still have alot to learn yet, and I haven't yet found someone who would enjoy it enough that wouldn't be doing it for other reasons besides the thrill of the hunt for storms. I think I'll eventually find someone to ride with, but until then I'll sail this ship on my own accord;)
Being an OU student and having plenty of peers that also like to chase, we slut around quite a bit. Basically you figure out who is driving amongst my core bunch of friends a day or 2 in advance (are you even available) and then it's a mad dash on IM and phone to figure out who is going where. I usually like to take 2 max in my car so I have plenty of room for camera stuff, although I will take max capacity (4 total including me). With gas prices so high, it's a bit cheaper that way. I'll go solo if I have to, although that is rarely the case. Usually I only do that when I am out just taking lightning or average joe tstorm pictures.

"...we slut around quite a bit..." HAHAHAHA, I couldn't help but laugh at the choice of words Aaron, HAHAHAHA Not a slip of the tongue you want to make in front of the wrong person :lol:

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled topic.

It's always a coin toss, and probably will be until I have a car of my own.
By meeself... I also like to check in by cell phone with chase buddies who station themselves in different spots - one likes to work Paradise Valley and the mountains there to the north, and one goes for all points West, like Lake Pleasant or the White Tank range. It's fun to compare conditions with them by phone, and they get the Central Deserts or Eastern mountain report from me...or Tucson, wherever I might be at the time...

I chase alone mostly because during Monsoon the fur can fly in an instant and there's no time to coordinate. Distances are vast out here and by the time people got together for a chase, a lot would be missed. I have learned this from prior occasions taking media. In addition, I don't like to stay in one place...actually the opposite...(confess) maniac desert runner ("you're where?") and sometimes this goes all night long. A lot of people would lose patience for that I think, as well as my habit of moving from spot to spot. But that's what has brought me the best shots...

Road trips are a different story, as are the Plains, as sometimes I go on road trips alone or like to bring others at other times, and in the Plains chasing with a team can be really positive, but sometimes I chase alone if the coordinating thing doesn't happen or partners aren't available.

Road trip wise - I'm planning to get some chase friends together for a Painted Desert lightning shoot later this year. That's an example of when a team chase will be a really good time...woo-hoo....
I don't like going alone, though I will if I have to. Maybe it's just the female fear complex of getting raped by a scuzzy while out there.

I just go with whoever is available. I don't have a set "group" or person I chase with; it's kind of a spur of the moment thing...
I usually chase in pairs, I need someone who is local, with more experience, and I think I would go stir crazy trying to drive 800 miles a day by myself trying to keep track of the weather around me.

My philosophy on a convoy is that I don't mind being a part of one when getting into positon due to the increased amount of data avaliable, it was very helpful on May 29th - but when the storm breaks, then we are on our own. If we end up going with others, fine, but I am not going to worry about anyone else's judgement when we can see the sky for ourselves.

It was a kick chasing with Mark Hill and Mike Umschied way back when he was a punk kid (no wait, he's still a punk young adult) :newb: so there is also no problem with three, but more than that really crowds a rig when you are trying to carry all the hardware and luggage.
Chasing with a partner is not out of the question but I have always chased alone and enjoy not having to discuss where I go and what to do. My older brother wants to go chase with me next time I go out. We will see how he likes it but I won't turn around if he doesn't like it. He knows all to well how intense I get while chasing. I won't chase in a group because I won't let a group dictate where I go.
I don't know anyone else who chases so I have to chase alone. I have had several people tell me they want to go with me but they are usually people I don't want to take with me for one reason or another. I took my brother out for a bust and took my dad once, other than that I always go solo. I don't mind going alone it has some advantages. There is something really peaceful about driving down the highway early in the morning when your alone that puts me at ease. It would be nice to go out with an experienced chaser who could answer some questions and help me out though.
If I'm chasing here in E TN, it's solo, simply because there is nobody around to chase with.
Out on vacation, it depends on who is availbale. Having someone who knows their way around is very helpful when it comes to navigating the back roads. I might go out solo, might have a partner, or might go in a convoy...did all three this year and each worked out well. If you are going with somebody, just be sure there are shared goals and a good level of communication...otherwise, it can be a long, hard, frustrating day!!
There has been only twice in my chase career that I have chased with someone else. Other than that I always chase alone
Chasing alone

I generally am alone in the vehice. However, since I stay failry local, I also have another partner in another vehicle and we stay in touch via cell phone through a base. The guy at the base is watching the radar and reporting back to the radio station, We report into him our location and observations sometimes live.

It's rather interesting and certainly different than chasing on information gathered during the day. We still have to be on top of what we are looking at and what to look for though. Sometimes radar updates can be 15 minutes or more (I keep trying to get them off a single radar site!)

I've taken a couple of folks with me, but there simply isn't a whole lot of room in my pickup for another person. Especially if they're not well versed in how to operate a laptop and GPS.

That's not to say I wouldn't go with a group of folks and basically surround an area. I think that could be pretty slick. But the lone chase warrior over long distances? Not really.

I was lucky to meet a great group of chasers early in my chase life, and I've learned a ton from those guys and continue to do so. There are about twelve of us that have chased together, either in the same vehicles or in convoys, for almost ten years now. I don't know that I wouild have stuck it out through some of the very lean years without them.
Just me, myself and I....we kill the drive time by "commenting" on other drivers, and backroads that make the unexpected right angle turn in the wrong direction. :lol:

I would enjoy going out with more experienced chasers a few times for the learning experience (among other things); even chasing should have an apprenticeship program! :wink:

Be well, TR
Well given I can't really drive, because of my legally blindness in my right eye, I have to rely on others to drive. Well actually, I could drive, however it would be more difficult for me, and since I just barely passed the eye exam and given there's too many idiots out there, I don't feel too comfortable.

Most of the time, I chase with my uncle... we are very close, and share the same interest in storms. And sometimes I will head out with some of my chaser friends.
I should answer my own topic ;)

In the past I chased alone. All through high school i did that but got tired of when i saw something really amazing and said "Isnt that AWSOME" only to look over and see that I'm sharing it with no one. Now I chase with my roommate. But, in recent times I have missed chases because he had the day off and felt like doing something else, which is fine. It seems so much easier to navigate and watch the sky while someone else drives. I have a few other people that have asked me and i havent taken them for various reasons, one of which use to stand out side with me in the cool summer rain and watch the lightning come through. I guess i would prefer to chase with someone else but am willing to chase alone if i have to.
I have little preference actually... I started off in '99 and '00 chasing with a friend of mine in MN. Since then, I've chased alone many times, and find it refreshing sometimes. Typically, I chase with one other person, be it my MN best friend or my girlfriend (who chased with me most of the pitiful year that was 2002). This year, however, I've picked up a few more chasers -- Gabe Garfield, Phil Hurlburt, Grant Hicks, Chad Ringley, Dan Dawson, etc etc etc -- all of whom I chased with at least twice this year. While solo chases are refreshing, chasing with some of my friends can be very enlightening, as we tend to have excellent discussions oftentimes before or after a chase. Additionally, it's nice to get different input sometimes, especially when there's a big decision to be made.
Nearly all of my chases are solo, although occasionally I will go with a partner and for many years took one trip a year with a group. The group of chasers I took 1-2 week trips with each year up until last year has varied from as few as 4 to as many as 8. We usually caravaned in 2 or 3 vehicles, but always stayed in one hotel room (even the year we had 8 people with us!). It was a great way to cut down on costs, and we always came up with great ways to keep everyone else entertained during the down time. But like Angie said, it's very important to share common goals and to communicate with each other...differences in common goals and problems with establishing communication are why I don't go in large groups anymore.
I have two chasing worlds: Plains/hurricane chasing and local chasing. Each have totally different characteristics in about every chase-related subject we discuss, including this one.

Locally, I have never chased with anyone. In 11 years, all of my WV/PA/OH/KY chases have been solo. There are a few chasers in this region scattered about, but none close enough to really team up on a chase.

In the Plains (and on other long-haul trips like hurricanes or east coast outbreaks), I am almost always with at least one person. In fact, it was other chasers (Dave Crowley, Bill Coyle, etc) who got me out of WV into the Plains. Since I started Plains chasing with a team, I'm rarely by myself during chase vacations.

If scheduling and distances prohibit me from meeting up with my usual chase friends, I'll chase alone - which happens from time to time. But, if I happen to meet people at a chaser convergence that are willing to team up, I'm always happy to have the company.

In all cases, I prefer to chase with a group/team. The weather by itself is awesome, but people make the experience more enjoyable. Also, more people means more brains and more non-driving hands/eyes - which often means better decision making, navigating and spotting of features.
Most of the time I go with a partner when chasing, it makes navigating and spotting easier. Also the drive home is not as boring with someone to talk to. I do not mind going alone either though. I find that with the HAM there is always someone to talk to.