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HF Radio while chasing??

I know that a number of chasers get their amateur radio license simply to chase. I'm curious how many have taken it beyond that to the level that ham radio is another hobby of theirs.

Also, I've seen some folks out chasing that have HF antennas on their vehicles. Is anyone using HF while chasing? If so, how?

I have the quad-band Yaesu FT8900R (29/50/144/440mhz bands), though I'm not licensed to use HF since I'm only a tech. I don't think many folks use HF while chasing, given the fact that HF isn't the best for mobile applications (tough to get an adequate ground-plane on a vehicle). I do know that one of the Colorado NWS offices uses HF for Skywarn/spotter networks. In addition, I thought I saw an HF antenna at the OUN NWSFO last time I looked...
I have used the HF radio though the club that I'm taking my HAM license with. However, I only use my handheld most the time. I'll tell you one thing, it's an expensive hobby to get in to.

Up here, you don't need a license if you got others with one around (ex. in a club, or a chasing partner). Thats what I did until I decided to get one on my own.
I'm just curious if people have used it to communicate over longer distance than 2m or CB could cover with other chaser, if they communicated with the NWS, or maybe they check in with people at home. I can't really see it being very effective as most people don't carry that equipment with them, most NWS offices don't have the setup, and it wouldn't be all that reliable depending on location and conditions.

I could take some of my ham friends from Michigan on a virtual real-time chase with me though :wink:

I won't ever chase with the setup operational, not to say I wouldn't take the equipment along packed inside. I could see it coming in very useful if you stop to assist following an event.

I don't know, I just see a few of them running around during the spring and summer. You could definitely have some fun with it during those roadside sessions while waiting for initiation. :wink:

I have an Icom 706MKIIG in the mobile with a High Sierra scrwedriver antenna. I highly reccomend screwdriver antennas for HF mobile. Don't get the little ones, the ones with a six foot whip are far more efficient, especially below 20M. I have never used HF for chasing, except to tune to NOAA WEFAX with the laptop in tropical season.

But I love my HF mobile! I have about 65 countries worked from the mobile, and I can do CW mobile at 20 WPM. I originally got my ticket for chasing WX, and soon found myself chasing DX!