Garmin GPSMap 376C

Oct 29, 2004
Olathe Kansas
I have tried to dig the old thread up, seems it is locked in the archives.

Thinking of getting this instead of wx worx. It is a small screen and will not hook into a laptop, but if someone were able to purchase it for 60 percent of the retail value..... would you do it?
I talked to one of the representatives and the only ones that do hook into the laptops are the 3006c and another one which are well into the 2000, 2800 range. But for around 4-500 dollars, I'm thinking of getting this vs. wx worx and the stormhawk. Thoughts?
It definitley looks like suitable alternative at that price. I'm not crazy about paying $1000+ and THEN having to supply the computer on top of that, so I'd definitely go with an all-in-one.

I've seen them new at $800 now and you could probably get one for $600 or so used if you wanted to. I certainly wish the screen was bigger but it does have some advantages over WxWorx.

1. Basemaps appear a little better than the generic WxWorx basemaps, as well as ability to upgrade using other downloadable software.

2. Self-Contained battery operated rechargable unit that can be dedicated to showing radar and your position in releation. Freeing up laptop for surface anaylsis. System can be placed near the driver in a more convient viewing location.

3. Radar data appears to have better BIN resolution than WxWorx and doesn't suffer from an extreme smoothing algorithim.

4. It appears they only have one package instead of like WxWorx were you pay tons more $ for just a couple features.


1. It's a small screen and would be hard to show your vehicle and a nearby cell and all the roads at the same time.

2. No Sattelite (though WxWorx Sattelite feature is not very useful)

3. Surface anaylsis feature shows only fronts (at least on their picture)..

4. No Velocity or shear products, though with the bin resolution it seems possible you could make out inflow notches and a hook echo more easily than WxWorx.

Im thinking about it. I guess it will depend on whether WxWorx has any 'power buys' in the next couple months or if the 376c drops in price.

-Scott Olson.