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Mike Hollingshead

Well I finally got a gallery up for print sales and figured I'd post what I am using.

Gallery Creation: JAlbum from .
Template with merchant support: .

JAlbum is free software with many templates to create various galleries. None of those templates support sales however. But if you don't want to sell anything it's a great ap and it is free.

EOS Template works with JAlbum and has the merchant support for things like paypal as well as MANY others. EOS is a template used through JAlbum, but also supports other album creation software. It is not free and is $99, but that's not bad at all for being able to use several merchants and also being able to tweak about everything imagineable.

The EOS template isn't exactly like any other software I've purchased to use. To adjust how things look you edit a javascript file called settings.js . I know ziltch about javascript or even html really and I found it pretty simple to set things since it's explained right in the file what each setting is for.

Once you have everything set like you want you just drop your folder in and publish. You can have it overlay a copyright image. You can have it sharpen each file before uploading. You can essentially do whatever you want. There are many options for tax amounts, discounts, password protected galleries, just a whole lot of things one can set/adjust. So if you are like me and have been putting off setting something that works with a cart or just a gallery it might be worth checking those out.

The owner of the eos template also does a VERY good job with his support e-mails.