Fuji S9000

Dan Cook

Dec 12, 2003
Lombard, IL
Does anyone have any experience with this camera? I'm thinking of upgrading to that one from a s5200.
Dan- what price range is that one in? There are S-2 Pro bodies going cheap... I am a big fan of Fuji cameras.
Will Santa be coming to your house? :)
Happy Holidays...

PS- did you sign up for a COD Trip?
Hey Dan,

yup own a S9500, 9mpix ( that is the S9000 model as sold in the USA) for 3 months now love it works well

it was an upgrade from the S7000 6.3 mpix which the wife now owns :)

what I like the best is its so much faster at turn on/off cuz it doesnt have to wind the zoom lens in and out . At 20 - 300mm zoom I find it great for most stormchasing needs.
I had contemplated upgrading to a true digital SLR but there's NOTHING available in the 8-9mpix range at an
affordable price (for me) ie. under AU$1000 (US$750).
the S9500 (S9000) was AU$795. the closest digi SLR was way over AU$2000

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Dan- I bet the S-2 Pro bodies are getting clsoe to $500... the upside and downside depending on how you want to look at it is the lenses are interchangable. Nothing beats a wide angle lens for storm chasing. KEH Camera is also very good selling used equipment. I've bought some lenses from them with no problems. Good people.

PS- I'm on 1 and 4 right now. Trying to get on 3 also.
I'll take a look at that camera laura. Is that one of the ones you have? It looks familiar. Also, do you know anyone who's on trip 2?


How's that light blocker attachment thing? Does it make pictures clearer?
Yes and I have been very pleased. The only lens you need for the most part is a wide angle to start off with.
I am not sure who's on Trip 2... try emailing Karl. He knows.
What light blocker attachment thing? Circular Polarizing Filter? I'd suggest oneof those also.