Forecast Software

Joey Ketcham

I'm wanting to do my own 5-day forecast graphic for my website instead of using something from accuweather or another 3-party company. I've searched high and low for a simple, easy to use software to do just this.

So, I sat here tonight I drew up what - at least to me - would be the perfect software for those wanting to do their own 5-day forecasts & summary for their website.

I uploaded the graphic to my webserver and the link is below, seriously - if someone would be able to make just this I would definately buy the software. I would love to have something like this so I could do my own 5-day forecasts for my website.

Here is the link to my design of what I would consider to be a nice, but simple piece of software to have
[Broken External Image]:

Here is what I use... Updates whenever it is called upon.... Gets it forcast from the NWS raw data....

The one thing it doesnt do, is the text version of the forcast.

But, if you know .asp or .php, and you have a server or access to a host with the required extentions installed, gd-image extentions to be exact. Then you could actually call up what you need through a template and insert it into your page.....

Mine is very basic, but look around if you want....
I have something like that on my page from but I don't like it, I'd rather it be a 5-day forecast that I generated and made.

I thought of the asp php thing, but I never messed with asp or php so I don't know how to mess with it.
Awesome, I showed this and talked this over with a guy I work with who is also a programmer and he's working on developing this sofware now - of course I'm going to pay him for it.
In the meantime I created a nifty and easy way of doing 5-day forecasts using Real Draw Pro Pro and then I created a bath file that automatically uploads the new 5-day forecast and HTML file to my server and updates.

This is what I came up with...

[Broken External Image]:
What about putting the "Today" forecast on the left side instead of the right side? The other days are arranged with increasing days to the left... It seems to make most sense putitng the shortest-term forecast (the "Today") on the far lest side... Just a suggestion :)