For those using placefiles

If you've been following the thread over on the GRLevelX Owners forum ( ), you'll know that I have had to change the way that my server handles placefile downloads/requests. I have worked on a solution to this problem extensively over the past 30 hours, and I think I've all but solved the problem that was experienced. My account was suspended yesterday due to severe server load caused by the server receiving more than 3000 placefile requests/downloads in less than an hour Wednesday evening. It seems that far more people are using my scripts than I previously though.... I have NO problem with this, since that's why I'm providing them to begin with! :) I have, however, needed to make a few changes with the way the server constructs each placefile. Again, the problem was with server load (CPU, RAM, and other resource utilization when making the placefiles), not with bandwidth or storage issues.

I'm sure many have noticed that some of my scripts don't work any more (you should be seeing a notice of this on GRx, both on the radar screen and in the Placefiles list). Here are the changes:

validww.php is now validww.txt
validwwshaded.php is now validwwshaded.txt
swody1.php is now swody1.txt
mcd.php is now mcd.txt
OKmesonet.php is now OKmesonet.txt
swody1prob.php?type=**** is now ****prob.txt (where **** is tornado, hail, or wind)

I'm still working on fixes for the swody1prob.php placefiles... They will eventually change to "tornadoprob.txt", "hailprob.txt", and "windprob.txt", but I'm having an issue with the next scripts that create those placefiles. For my other placefiles, see my GRLevelX Placefiles page.

So again, if you are running any of the 5 placefiles listed above, just change the extension from ".php" to ".txt". If you notice any bugs with the placefiles, PLEASE let me know either through email or PM. I apologize for this inconvenience, but it was completely necessary if I want to continue to provide these placefiles for free (which I do). Thanks!
I agree with Laura. Your work is very much appreciated Jeff. Just upgraded my version of GR 3 earlier today and your data is VERY handy to have...especially on a tight budget! Thanks for the "goodies" bud!