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For Sale: Triple Point 2006-2007 Chase DVD

Hello All,

It took some time but I finally finished the the new chase DVD.

Triple Point is a two disc DVD set with a total run length time of 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Triple Point includes the following chases:

March 23 2007
March 28 2007
April 21 2007
May 4 2007
May 5 2007
May 22 2007
March 12 2006
April 15 2006
May 2 2006
Plus Triple Point bonus materials (deleted scenes and chases)

Get Triple Point for only $16.95 + S&H.

For more information on Triple Point Click Here.

Special Offer!

I also have a special combo offer running for the next few weeks that includes both Triple Point and Meso Road 2005. Together you get over 3 1/2 hours of mother natures best.

Get Triple Point and Meso Road 2005 for only $24.99 (S&H included).

For more information on Triple Point and Meso Road 2005 Click Here.


Mick Ptak
Intense chasing action that stands up to anything out there, laced with one-of-a-kind comic relief. A combo that stands out in the saturated world of chaser DVDs. Get it.
I bought Meso Road 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to watching this newest production from Mickey. Based on his last video I'm betting this is a must buy. Either way, just bought my copy and am looking forward to receiving it in the mail!