First Lightning Pics in 2 Years

Originally posted by Tony Laubach
Hey gang! More storms in Denver gave me a chance to dust the cobwebs from my old manual 35mm Canon AE-1 and try my luck at some still photography in the absence of my video camera. Developed the shots this afternoon and was very happy with what came out! Check them out below!

Ciao! 8)

Wow! :shock:

Great work!
Good shots, Tony!

The ones with four streaks coming from the same general vicinity are ibteresting as well as spectacluar.
Originally posted by John Gnuechtel
Nice shots, Tony. About how long were the exposures to get that many strikes in each shot?

It varied.. I tend to close the shutter after 'the big one' hits in my frame of view. Sometimes it would be 30 to 45 seconds.. other times it would be 2 or 3 minutes.. the distance lightning bolts I ignored which actually made for a cool backdrop in a couple photos.

Most of the time, the major bolts hit within enough time that I hadn't closed the shutter yet.. I normally don't like to risk flooding the image with too much lightning, especially at that distance.. so figure maybe 5 to 10 seconds between bolts (enough time for me to say holy #%$@). :)
Awesome shots! Explains where all my storms have been. :wink:
Those are beautiful pic's - even the clouds lend alot of weight to the balance of the pictures - cool shots.

Pretty good exposures for a videographer:)

I miss Green Mountain; used to go hiking around there every so often, and looked forward to trailside rattlesnakes. Nice to be high up enough to have a downward angle and see impact points for the CGs. I agree that a bonus distant bolt really makes the shot.

Enjoy fall/winter; here it's still in the low 90s.