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First International Severe Weather Film Festival

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Yesterday, the International Journal of Meteorology and TORRO held the 1st International Severe Weather Film Festival at Oxford Brookes University in England.

We had many entries but the winner was judged, by the audience votes, to be "The Storms of 2005", which was produced by Greg Stumpf and Jim LaDue...there were many other contributers and producers of this film, so congratulations to all involved.

We spoke to Greg via Skype, and he very kindly donated the £750 prize to charity.

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That's great news Paul! It's a tribute to all the hard work that Greg and Jim as well as all the chapter producers put into the Storms of 2005. This is such great news that I have created a special page just for this sort of announcement on our Storms of 2006 page!
Cheers Verne - thanks for putting that info on the page - I think the "Storms of..." series is great, and in years to come it will be a valuable library/documentation of the various severe storms!
Yes, personally as a judge and reviewer...a very good film which I enjoyed very much. Well done to all involved.

I hope the IJMet Severe Weather Film Festival will become an annual event in future.
Well, that'll extend the field a bit. I thought some of the Australian films were outstanding...and I have to single out Mike Hollingshead's "The Dream" for particular praise...
The First International Severe Weather Film Festival
October 14th 2006

The First International Severe Weather Film Festival was held at Oxford-Brookes in Oxford, England on the 14th October 2006 .
There were 9 entrants from around the globe, all showing some amazing footage of severe weather events. These included thunderstorms, lightning, hurricanes and tornadoes.
The three finalists were Tracking The Hurricanes 2004 by Mark Sudduth, Tracking the Hurricanes 2005 by Mark Sudduth and Storms 2005 by Jim LaDue and Greg Stumpf.
Final voting by viewers at the conference was extremely close with first place Storms 2005 gaining 305.5 points, second, Tracking The Hurricanes 2004 gaining 292 points and in third place Tracking The Hurricanes 2005 with 244.5 points.
The winning film, Storms 2005 is a collective work by various photographers compiled by Jim and Greg and showing some exciting footage of Tornadoes on the Great Plains of the USA. Included in the footage are radar clips and weather synoptic charts, giving the viewer an insight into what conditions are prevailing and where to actually look to find Tornadoes.
In a very generous gesture the producers of Storms 2005 have donated their £750.00 prize money, sponsored by Generali Worldwide to the Red Cross, along with proceeds of any DVD sales.
The two other finalist productions by Mark Sudduth were made as he tracked the hurricanes in 2004 and 2005. They include some spectacular footage of a number of Hurricanes as they make landfall on the coastal United States including Hurricanes Charley, Ivan and Katrina.
All these productions have been or will be reviewed in the International Journal of Meteorology.
The next Film Festival will be held 2008 and all entries are very welcome.

How to purchase the films entered in The Festival

 Lightning Struck Parts 1 and 2 Jimmy Deguara
Available from http://www.australiasevereweather.com/video/dvd_videos.htm
Along with a range of Severe weather films

 Tracking The Hurricanes 2004 and 2005 Mark Sudduth
Available from http://hurricanetrack.com/store.html

 The Dream Mike Hollingshead
Available from http://www.extremeinstability.com/video.htm with a number of other Tornado videos

 Storms 2005 Jim LaDue and Greg Stumpf
Available from [email protected] by e-mail Proceeds of this film will be donated to the International Red Cross Price £11.00 including p&p to the UK

 Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina Dr Bill Williams
Available from http://www.coastalweathermedia.com/ivan/index.html
Proceeds from these DVDs will be donated to the University of South Alabama Student Chapter of the Meteorological Society

 Storm Chasing May 2005 Sam & Keith Hall
Available from [email protected] by e-mail
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Film Fest?

Not to come across the wrong way but where was this announced for call for submissions? I'm signed on with Without A Box www.WithoutABox.com which is a film festival board and never heard of this one.

Now that your festival is making a name for itself and just being known, why just do one every two years. There is a lot of great material out there from chasers / producers that would love to get into something like this next year.

Maybe every other year have it in the UK and then on the other year have it in the USA.