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Second International Severe Weather Film Festival

I'll just post this here for anyone interestested in sending a film into the Film Festival. Contact details are below.

The organiser is Mr. Paul Dommaille of the International Journal of Meteorology. Any questions...please contact him.

Amazingly it is coming up on two years since the inaugaral Film Festival was held. It was decided to make it a biennial event because Severe weather films aren't that plentiful.

The Festival will take place at TORRO's annual Autumn conference, in Oxford, England, jointly promoted by TORRO and The International Journal of Meteorology. To make the event worthwhile we really need 5 or more entries. I have been promised 3 up to now so desperately need at least 2 more. Films must be produced by amateur filmmakers and be of reasonable length (i.e. not a 5 minute clip). The winner will receive the perpetual pewter salver with the possibility of an additional prize if we can get sufficient entries and a sponsor.

If your film is available to purchase you can also get a free review in the IJMet.

Remember, the film must feature severe weather, but this can be of any kind. The inaugaral winners, Greg Stumpf and Jim Ladue produced a stunning compilation of US Tornadoes, the runner up, Mark Sudduth's production was an exciting coverage of a seasons Hurricanes. What will it be this time ??

Any potential entrants can either PM me here or e-mail me at [email protected] and I will be able to answer any queries.
Many thanks to those whom have contacted Paul and shown an interest in entering their films this year.

The competition only happens once every two years so you can enter films taken in 2007 or 2008 if you like.

The winners in 2006 were Stateside....

Once again...for any entries contact.

[email protected]

Just to add to the above.

Although Paul was looking for an extra 2 entrants, we've had rather more than that now. So it's unfolding into quite a competition thanks to a number of Stormtrack members.

That said, the festival is still open to further entries. For details of how to enter contact:

[email protected]

Paul Domaille is the Assistant Editor and Media Reviewer for/of the International Journal of Meteorology.

Thanks for your interest and support.
Greg. The conference is on the 4 October so I imagine the deadline would probably be a couple of weeks before that. They have a projector that runs off laptops so a DVD is probably the best format. If you want I can drop Paul a PM and ask him the question for you.