22nd Severe Local Storms Conference Multi-media Storm Show

It has been a long-standing tradition of the AMS Conferences on Severe Local Storms to host a storm slide and video show. Recently, this has been a two-night affair (two hours each evening), and interest has remained high.

For the 22nd SLS conference in Hyannis, MA (4-8 Oct 2004), Jim LaDue of the NWS/WDTB and Greg Stumpf of CIMMS/NWS/NSSL will be hosting the multi-media storm event. Now that the heart of the incredible 2004 chase season is winding down, we are putting out the solicitation for submissions for the event.

We aim to improve upon past events with a new format to the show. Rather than showing a succession of individual storm chaser’s “highlights reelsâ€, we are instead going to develop a show in which the “Storms of 2004†will be the focus. We plan to develop different show “chapters†focusing on some of the more noteworthy storm events of the 2004 spring season. Each chapter will include some “set-up†information, including synoptic/mesoscale maps, radar/satellite loops, and storm verification information. We also are looking for individual’s chase strategy and decision making information. Then, the remainder of the chapter will be a semi-chronological replay of video and digital stills of the event, with interlaced submissions from multiple chasers. These chapters will be part of a DVD-format show, produced prior to the conference.

As time permits, we may allow for some “special†events. These may include a special DVD chapter with a “potpourri†of the lesser events of 2004 (without “set-upâ€), videos with specific scientific content, and presentations from some of the “special veterans†of the SLS storm show. We are also going to allow for slide presentations from individual chasers as well.

The DVD production will be made available for sale, with all profits being donated to charity (the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund).

Requests for presentations of slide and video material should be sent to Greg Stumpf, c/o NSSL, 1313 Halley Circle, Norman, OK 73069 (e-mail: [email protected]), or to Jim LaDue, NWS/WTDB, 3200 Marshall Ave., Suite 202, Norman, OK 72072 (email: [email protected]).

If you are submitting video or digital still material for the DVD, we request that the contributors follow these strict guidelines for submission (or risk not being included):

1. We need your best RAW video clips from 2004, with no more than 10 total minutes worth of clips per person. Each digital still will be counted the same as 10 seconds of video.
2. No “pre-edited†highlights productions will be used. We will take your raw clips and interlace them with others’ clips. Please refrain from adding any music or special effects to your submissions. We will add a continuous text graphic with a copyright line per author for each scene.
3. Formats allowed include AVI or MPEG2 files, Mini-DV, Hi8, 8mm, or VHS.
4. Include any material that may aid in the “set-up†portion of each major event. This may include graphics of weather data, and information on your chase strategy and decision making.
5. Chasers attending the conference will have an opportunity to share with the audience a live synopsis (up to 60 seconds) of their chase decision making strategy for one or more of the events. A pre-recorded message of up to 30 seconds may be used instead if you are unsure of your attendance at the conference. Preference will be given to conference attendees.
6. You must grant the right for your entire submission to be sold on a special fundraising DVD, with all profits being donated to charity. Please indicate this in writing and enclose with the submission.
7. Deadline for submission of materials is 31 July 2004. Any materials submitted after the deadline will not be included.
8. If there are a large number of video submissions, preference will be given to the highest-quality videos, uniqueness of video, videos submitted earlier than the deadline, and videos from pre-registered conference attendees. Our new format should allow us to include at least a small portion from every pre-registered conference attendees and perhaps from all submitters.

If you are planning to only show slides, you will be asked to pre-load their slides into a carousel and bring them to the conference. You will be given only 10 minutes to present your slides.

We are looking forward to delivering you the most entertaining SLS storm show ever!

Greg Stumpf and Jim LaDue
This sounds like a great project. I'll sticky your post so that it continues to get good exposure over the weeks ahead.
Shane Adams send me a private message with some good questions, so let me post some clarifications to the above.

Originally posted by Shane Adams
I'd like to submit some material for the SLS storm show, but I have a few questions. You mention that you want no more than 10 minutes' worth of video from each person, but you want RAW footage......I don't have much of anything that runs less than 10 minutes without editing. So my first question is: Do you want a random 10-minute piece of raw video, or do you want the entire event raw, from start to finish (which may exceed 10 minutes)?

We aren't necessarily looking for just one 10 minute unedited clip. We were looking for chasers' "best 10 minutes" of video for the year for all their storms. We just don't want folks putting these into a production with editing transitions, overlaid graphics, and music. This is because we want to interlace all the contributions from many chasers for each event showing a semi-chronological recount of the storms and tornadoes. If you've seen the KFOR "May's Fury" video - think that. You can contribute pieces for as many events you have, but limit the total contribution to 10 minutes.

Also, we don't want more than 10 minutes per chaser mainly due to time constraints. We had several contributers in 2000 give us 2 hour highlight reels and asked us to take the best 10 minutes each out of them. We simply didn't have the time to watch it all, given the 25 or so additional contributions we had. I expect we may get even more than that this year. It makes it easier for us if we have only 10 minute contributions per person. It also helps chasers pick their absolute best video.

One thing folks may want to keep in mind is to show a few clips ("video bites" - perhaps 15 seconds each?) of storm structure and/or initial and ending shots of storms to help "tell the whole storm story".

I should probably also mention that the contributers should index their contributions with dates/times/locations so we know what clip is what.

Just a thought....

I originally tried to make my 10-minute colaboration of 2004 from multiple events, but I just couldn't fit everything I wanted from each day into that small window...so what I did was make a 10-minute "best-of" from one event, and even that was hard for me to do.

Not a big fan of heavy editing (or MTV, shocker there huh? :lol: )

I included a 30-second intro piece for the "beginning" of the story, and then just used the remaining time to highlight the tornadoes. Maybe this idea will work for others if they too find themselves unable to pick from multiple events, to fit the time frame. I narrowed my days down to May 12, May 29, and June 12. I ended up using June 12 because it's the most recent event for me personally.
Another reminder. We haven't gotten very many requests to show video yet. It would greatly help if we could get "emails of intent to submit materials" in advance of receiving the actual video to get a better idea of what we have willing to show.

Also, I need to know if there are any on this list that would submit materials, but will not do so because of the subsequent use in the fund-raiser DVD sale. If there are many of you in the camp, we may forgo that DVD sale idea.

Please send all replies offline to me and Jim LaDue.


p.s. Tim V. Any chance to advertise this more prominently on ST.org?
Third reminder...

So far, we are getting a fair number of promises for submission for the SLS video show. We plan to concentrate on the "Storms of 2004". We are short some video from these storms in particular:

22 May (Furnas County storm), 29 May (Central OK), 10 Jun (Big Spring and Red Cloud).

If you or anyone you know may have some video to donate (10 min max), please let us know by Jul 31, and mail us the submission by then as well.

Also, since we are "farming out" some of the production work to a few volunteers, we may provide alternate addressesto send specific storm video material. If you've already sent a video to us, no big deal. More soon.

I have June 10th Big Springs NE but my video quality isn't that wonderful and I wasn't going to submit it because of that. I have the full 25 minutes event if you want it anyway.
The deadline for submission is now past. I want to thank all the ST.org folks that have already submitted materials or who have stated an intent to submit materials. The production work is now underway. The "Storms of 2004" will debut at the SLS conference in October. For those of you who will be unable to attend, we will attempt to make a DVD for sale with all profits being donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. More info later.