Finally nailed storm + moon

Hey guys, I have been trying for this shot for seven years. The challenge has been of course that when it is storming, the moon is almost always covered up by clouds or not in the right place in the sky. Well, this month I finally nailed it, lightning + moon. It was a little cell, but it put out a few good CGs. The scene only lasted I'd say 2 minutes or so, then it just vanished, the storm was over and the moon was no longer in position, just like that! But...hah! Finally got it. =) It's on my front page. Enjoy.

If you have storm+moon, storm+stars, storm+sun, storm+tree...something of that nature, please share!
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Another great shot Susan... I know I've always thought about doing this, but I'm not as dedicated as you! ;) Congrats on finally getting it!
Great job Susan! Its great when you finally reach a goal that you've been trying for ages to accomplish. Perseverence does pay off!! Great work.
nice shot!

Great Shot.. i love storm pictures with moon, stars, etc..

Its not as good at that one but i got one earlier this summer (May 9, 2006)

August 10, 2006 star trails and developing storm

earlier this summer as well (May 4, 2006) - lightning, star trails and lightning bug (somewhat underexposed - im still learning)

Brian Emfinger
Great shot susan. I like it! I also like how you left it how you saw it and didnt use photoshop or try and change it. Keep up the good work.
Congrats Susan, realizing a goal like that is reason to celebrate. A few years ago I reached a photo goal that took 2 years and over 25 120-mile round trip chases to accomplish. One of the greatest feelings in chasing is reaching a personal goal. Go treat yourself to a nice dinner out!
Thanks you guys!

Brian, it is amazing that a moon would be visible at all in storm clouds that thick. Nice timing! I'm sure that wasn't easy at all! I like the "rain" look of the stars too.

Dan what was your photographic goal that you met?
Susan - yeah i was surprised when i saw it coming through.. it was only out for a few minutes in some clearing just behind the storm and then it was gone.

I wonder what others are after for their dream shot? Mine would be lightning in a thundersnow event.
Susan, your shot absolutely captivates me, without allowing my eyes a break from the image I become in a trance. The palm trees add a lot to the image, I love how the branching is going on just next to the trees. The moon is in a perfect position too. I have been trying to get this as well, but it seems to be a rare factor, all determined, on moonrise, and storm motion/direction. Inclusive in the shot are the mountains, which I overlooked at first, but now see. They are beautiful...the storm must have been very elevated/non-sfc based, correct?
Nice shot Susan! I'm glad you were finally able to capture what you wanted.


Andrew, the storm was just a one-cell in a larger complex of evening monsoon high-based t-storms in the desert. One thing that the shot does illustrate is the characteristic hit-and-miss style of desert storms...rainy one block...dry just down the street.

The scene was there just for a minute or two, then the whole deal was gone. I actually have two slides of it, slightly different. I was really trying for the fan palms too because I really like palm trees as well.

Monsoon storms are quite unpredictable actually. You never know what will happen or where. Chasing a lot, the miles, every chance, it really helps with monsoon.
Great conquest, congrat's.

My personal quest is to get the perfect downtown shot.
I got closer to it last month and can't wait for more chances.

I couldn't get the storm and moon to coperate with this one.
It tries to come out on the left side.

Just an odd ball one

It's always good to see through others eyes and that little extra that we sometimes overlook while we are out.
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Excelent shot, Susan!

Here is one bolt+moon pic I took this year near Eastland, TX on May 13th:


Such images like moon+bolt, bolt+stars or bolts over clear sky always impress me.