Fatality reports & death toll thread

Apr 13, 2005
Jackson, Ms
Three elderly died during an evacation from a nursing home in route to Baton Rouge. Last time I talked to my dad he was helping evacuate a nursing home in Mandeville heading to Baton Rouge. My step mom is a nurse at the home in Mandeville and they waited until tonight to try and evacuate. I don't know if the fatalities where from there facilities.
I'm not sure, but news said that dehydration was expected. I would love to call my dad to find out if it was some of the elderly people they were helping move, but he has been up for almost 36 hours and I know he was trying to get some sleep. I will know more in a few hours.
^Now it's 55, but I expect that number to rise. I think we could be looking at at least 500 deaths altogether.
I have went ahead and stickied this so we can consolidate some of the info into one thread.

FOX news reports that emergency official confirmed 50 deaths in one county alone in MS. most of those in one apartment complex in Biloxi.
Here is a link to the story about the 50 deaths in one county in MS:


Aaron Brown was interviewing a reporter tagging along with rescuers in eastern NOLA. The rescuers that they were with had to stop for the night because they could no longer safely navigate. The reporter was crying -- apparently as they boated away, they could still hear people screaming for help all around from rooftops.

Some of the stories she told were unbelieveable -- rescuing people with completely severed legs, witnessing people who had axed their way out of the attic, people who were running out of air in their own attic who had to be axed out, etc. Sounds like hell in there.
That CNN interview just now was extremely disturbing. It will be a few days yet before we have an idea of the true death toll from this storm, but regardless of the number it is clearly a catastrophe. I don't see how people can think it was "over-hyped" when, as horrific as it is, it would have been an order of magnitude worse if not for a mere 15 mile, last minute deviation.

The water is still slowly rising, and people are still trapped in their attics.
The man talking on CNN (who also went with the rescuers) says that another problem is that the water is still rising in the area where three hundred to five hundred people are trapped in their attics. He says that many will have to wait the night for rescue, as it is too dangerous to boat in the dark.
Echos of Camille:

Harrison County EMA spokesman Jim Pollard said 30 of the deaths were in a single Biloxi apartment complex where the tenants were drowned or crushed by debris.

You would think that people would learn from the past.
Posted this on another thread but the rate is said to be 3 inches/hr now. The inches should add up overnight and people might not have much time :(

...Alex Lamers...
did anyone see the interview of the man who lost his wife when his roof broke away? they were in teh attic. he had two small boys with him as well. Sad, just sad.
They're interviewing a lady now on CNN who just gave them an address of her trapped family who'd contacted her. She says they're up on the roof and that the family can see someone nearby clinging to the very top of a tree.
Just in ... CNN just reported that up to 30 are dead in a collapsed apartment building in Biloxi.

Isn't that the same report mentioned earlier in this thread? Or is this ANOTHER 30 fatalities?

:( :( :(

I've got a sickening feeling about all this. I think we're only getting a taste of the Grim Reaper's wrath.

CNN reporting officials estimate 1000-2000 dead in New Orleans from flooding!
CNN reporting officials estimate 1000-2000 dead in New Orleans from flooding!

From what I've heard, this seems like a pretty reasonable estimate...we won't know for sure for days.
CNN reporting officials estimate 1000-2000 dead in New Orleans from flooding!

You know, I have to say this...

This kind of nonsense these officials are spouting is really ticking me off. It may be true, it may not be. But I don't see the need in terrifying people more than they already are. Let's get HARD FACTS.

And I say this as a person who saw 2,800 people die at the World Trade Center with my own two eyes. People need to be more responsible when they put out info to the public. :roll: :x
Just to settle things down, and I hope everyone reads this. A lot of people who aren't members of this forum are coming here for information. They are worried about family member's lives and they are worried about their homes. Please try to be considerate and stick to the facts.