Joey Ketcham

I've read about EMWIN over the years, but I'm not 100% sure on what I need hardware wise and software wise to get EMWIN on my computer.

What hardware/software would I need to do so and for what price does it cost to do this?


Internet has been very reliable lately and is certainly cheaper... A dish will run you about a grand, but then you don't worry about any connections or someone else's dish because it's all in your own backyard.

- Rob
Yeah I looked at the hardware for the EMWIN and that's an expensive route, for now I'd probably go with internet based.

What software would I have to buy to get it all going?
I have used Rob's Real Emwin with the internet connections for the better part of a year now, and desire nothing else.

I had been through the Weatherdish fiasco, which cost me a thousand bucks for a system full of bugs (they're out of business now)... and found Rob's program to be much more reliable, and perfect to meet my needs.

Only one time in the past year or so has there been an internet feed outage and that was for about an hour or so. It appeared to be a network problem, having nothing to do with the program.

Enjoy! I do! 8)