Email Notification

I have some concerns about subscribing to threads & email notification.

Currently, the board defaults to subscribing to every thread that you post in. I vote we change this to subscribing to every thread you start. Or just remove the auto-subscribing feature. Anyone else make use of this?

The subscribing feature defaults notification to none - and I cannot find where to set it to email me when something is my Photo Ops thread.
Anyone else make use of this?
I do.

Actually, that’s one of the things I liked about the IPB software. I could subscribe to a thread and receive emails with the text of any replies for the duration of an active thread.

Unless I’m not looking at the right options, only one email is sent to a subscribed/posted topic (with text), and that’s it. You have to log back in and refresh the thread. This “re-setsâ€￾ email notification until the next post.

I may be wrong, but it seems to me reading replies from my inbox uses less of ST’s bandwidth than constantly hitting the refresh button on, say, a NOW thread.
You can turn off the suscribe feature in your User Control Panel (User CP link at the top). Just go to User CP, Edit options, under "Messaging & Notification" go to "Default Thread Subscription Mode" and then change it to fit your needs.

Hope this helps. ;)