ECMWF model timliness


Sep 2, 2004
Blacksburg, VA
I know the EU likes to hide their weather data but a couple sites still publish some basic data sets. I think the maps from college of dupage are the most up to date that i have found but are still at least a couple runs behind the GFS/NAM. In order to get anything more up to date I assume you have to pay for it? Its a shame because the euro is a pretty good model but the make it so annoying to get access to it. Anyone know of a website or program that is more up to date?
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My favorite resource for ECMWF on the web is

1) PSU E-wall page. The direct link for the 12z run is and for the 00z run is These are 0-168 hour maps every 24 hours. linked on the e-wall page is also 8-10 day mean charts.

2) -- straight from the horses mouth. They offer 72 to 240 hour charts every 24 hours... and new recently are the addition of days 8, 9, and 10... they used to just offer the 72-168 hour charts. This is the only source anywhere to see ECMWF direct deterministic solution for +192, +216, and +240 hour. The graphics are crude at best, with no political boundaries on the north-america charts with just H5 countours on one map, and MSLP every 5mb + 850mb isotachs greater than ~10 m/s on a second chart. These are probably the fasted updating charts online... updating around 19z/07z for the 12z and 00z runs respectively.

Hope this helps!
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