Dual Band FM Transceiver

May 31, 2004
Peotone, IL
Well unless I am blind, I scrolled through a few pages and didn't find anything about this. For X mas I recently received a new digital cam and a new scanner for my car. Has anyone had experience with the Yaesu FT-8800R?? My dad installed them into all the chiefs cars in his fire department so I am guessing they are all good stuff. I love the fact that the actual radio can sit underneath your seat or in the back and you can have the screen mounted anywhere on your dash or your sunvisor. All the controls are on your mic so its not like you have to REALLY inconvience yourself by playing around with a large unit. Just wondering if anyone has or knows what I am talking about. And your thoughts and opinions on it!
Icom has a radiop similar to the one you are talking about, I have had an IC-2720 for 3 years now, and The main body sits in the back. I have the face mounted on the Dash.
Awsome setup
I have the Yaesu 8800 and absolutely love it. Much better than my VX-5R or my dual-receive FT-51R HT. I typically only transmit at 25W, usually go full power 50W on Simplex, and I haven't had a single problem.

The only con I can think of is that that main panel does not have backlit buttons, so you can see them in the dark. But, once you learn the layout, it's easy to find the right buttons without looking. The ones you'll use the most often are probably the 6 Hyper Memory keys, and it's not real hard to find the volume and tuning knobs either. The knobs will be the most used piece of that radio after the mic.

I haven't been able to secure myself any type of mobile data yet, so I'm still roughing it. But, I'd have to say getting a dual-band, dual-receive mobile rig has to be my most valuable piece of chase gear behind my DeLorme GPS.