determining severe vs. non-severe squall lines

Eric Stoner

determining severe vs. non-severe squall lines/organized severe storms (a.k.a. multicells) (generally not supercell mode)
-what forecast parameters do you use?
apparently, the 0-3km SRH is used best for determining supercells from non-supercells (given some CAPE) (Rasmussen and Blanchard 1998 list 230m2/s2 as the optimal value for Supercells/tornadic-supercells vs. non-supercells)
-Is the 0-3km shear better than 0-3km SRH for determining if a squall line will be severe?
-Is the 0-6km shear is the way to go?
-How about 0-1km shear?
(0-3km shear and 0-1km shear are not typically on charts)
-Will the calculated storm motion (depending on the scheme) used for SRH represent the motion of individual elements? Or will it be representative of the squall line/system as a whole?
-Do you consider the risk for large hail and the risk for wind damage separately?
I'm not looking for "magic numbers" here, I want to know how forecasters go about this.
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