Darn good wiper blades on Sale Valeo

Rain X

I saw a new model of RainX blades on TV the other night. Not sure how long they've been out, but when i went to Walmart to get some... they only had the older ones... They looked exactly like the blades above in the fact they have 1 pressure point over the entire blade on the window and not the 5 normal blades have. I think the website for them was like rainx.com/offer or something like that. They were saying if you buy 2 blades you get like a care pack free, and it was like $17.99.


P.S. I've had the same (original brand) rainX blades for about 8 months now, and since winter has come through, i think the ice we had deformed the blades a little in the fact that I have 1 small 1/2 inch streak from the center of both blades