COD Storm Chasing

Jan 11, 2006
Winnipeg, Manitoba
This afternoon I was getting some data at the COD website to see how much snow we're going to get dumped on our heads in Winnipeg, and started checking out the storm chase section.

I was thinking about going on the road with them, in addition to my own chase excursion this year. The educational aspect of COD chases looks appealing.

Have any of you, or anyone you know ever chased with COD? If so, how was the experience?
Going with them in a couple months so I'll let you know :)

I choose CoD as compared to a "tourist" company because of the education aspect. Also if you are on trip one you'll get to play with some new toys that AllisonHouse and CoD are testing. :twisted:
I only know what I've heard from our local Fermilab Tornado and Severe Storm Seminar. I do know they are awfully successful, and very reputable. I really have not heard of anything bad about the tour at all.
Stupid question perhaps, but do you have to be an enrolled student to go on the chase tour?
Technically yes...but that's a technicality. When you sign up you have to pay for 3 (?) credit hours ($80?) as part of the price of going. I didn't have to send transcripts or anything.

I take it you didn't actually go through with the courses, you just payed for it then? So its like $80 + whatever they charge for a tour?
If you sign up for the Intro to Thunderstorm Lab, as Tyler has, the class part is basicly spent discussing aspects of storms and severe weather while on the road, or in hotels, while on the trip.

So its like $80 + whatever they charge for a tour?

Actually it's $87 per credit hour. Since it's 3 hours, it's $261 + trip cost ($870) + food (normally figure about $250-300)

I've chased/worked with them since 2001 and have had nothing but great times with them. Great storms plus great people make for a great time :)

If you are single and want a wife/husband you should definately go. From what Adam says there's a bunch of people who are now married or in relationships (including Adam) that meet on the trips.


Meeting SO's on a storm chase trip? How cool is that?

Don't know how likely I'd be to hook up with someone, though. My college days were around twenty years ago, which will probably make me the most "mature" student there :lol:
Last year on one of the trips we had a 60 some year old. We get a big range of people, makes for interesting conversation in the vans.

I chased with them for the first time last year. I'm 40 and had a great time with the people. Most are college age, but I didn't feel out of place at all. Met some great folks who I look forward to seeing again on the May trip this year. I valued the class time, as it gave me a pseudo crash course in meteorology. I have some knowledge, but learned a tremendous amount going with very experienced instructors and students. Only wish the weather cooperated more last Spring. If you can afford both the time and $, it is well worth it. My 2 cents.