Coastal storm staying offshore

Jun 22, 2005
Twin Cities, MN
Last week I was in Oregon on the beach by Haystack Rock (The "Goonies" rock) when a front looked to be coming in from the west. Having the video camera for vacation, I set it up to do a time lapse of this wall of cloud coming in. But once it got to a certain point, it just seemed to slow to a crawl, never fully coming onshore (maybe 25-35 miles offshore?). Individual clouds would be streaming off of it inland, but the main wall stayed offshore like it ran into a, well, wall.

Me being from the midwest and not seeing this behavior before, it seemed quite unusual. It was relatively dry on land, but I'd expect that the moisture wouldn't be all that different at the coast than out there.

Can anyone explain why this happens?

I have a 48x WMV time lapse , that starts where you can see the main bank not moving forward much at all, but with clouds streaming off it and in increasing density.
It looks like its just the marine layer to me...Oregon ussually has persistent marine layer at its coast that will just sit there...kind of like here in California.