Christmas for chasers

Sean McMullen

While I was posting my other thread I thought of another that I thought appropriate for this time of year.

As a chaser Christmas seems to be a time where I try to accumulate and restock as much equipment as possible. So far I have acquired a new external speaker for my HAM, a laptop mount, a window mount for my camera, and possibly a new "shorter" antenna for my HAM.

So my question is, what did you ask for for Christmas? What equipment would you like most?
I am getting a laptop mount for Xmas :) And a dedicated server with 100mps switch for my site . Happy Holidays everybody
I'm getting some JBL studio monitors and a Crown amp for my music production...

And of course some clothes. Apparently my fiance doesn't think my wardrobe is large enough.
I unexpectedly received a La Crosse Weather One 9640 Hand-Held Weather Station, which I plan to keep in my car.
I just saw some lightning in Flatwoods, WV on my way back from Pittsburgh today.