Chris Collura's Texas Tornado Pictures - June 12, 2005


Jun 12, 2004
Sunrise, Florida
Good day, everyone

I was once again in Tornado Alley this past weekend (from June 9 through June 13) and caught at least 8 tornadoes on Sunday, June 12, 2005 in west-central Texas (near Spur and Crosbyton)! This was due to a violent cyclic supercell that developed ahead of the dryline and along a pre-existing boundary late in the afternoon. I was chasing solo in my own vehicle and accompanying Stephen Miller (KD5FMI) on this chase.


Most of the tornadoes produced by this storm were high-contrast and lose-up, very photogenic, and ranged in all types from rope tornadoes, stove-pipes, elephant trunk, wedge tornado, and multiple vortex. I do have many pictures from June 10, June 11, and the tornadoes on June 12 updated on my web log for this "mini-chase" trip at the link below...

A high quality (widescreen) video (Windows Media format) of the tornadoes can also be downloaded from the link here...

Take care and enjoy,

Chris Collura - KG4PJN
Nice reports, Chris! Ya know, I mentioned to someone that I swore I saw you driving by at one point, but quickly disregarded it because I thought you were in Florida! Guess I did see ya! Sorry I didn't flag you down! :lol:
Great video, Chris! I feel like I was there all over again. It was a great chase that teamed up on and I look forward to it again next year! Maybe I'll get brave enough later this season to follow ya into the eyewall. ;-)
Hmm. For some reason, when I try to watch the video, it plays in all sorts of funky colors. (No, Im not doing any drugs.)

Anyone else have this problem?

edit: I watched the RealPlayer version on your site. Great stuff: :)