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I'm pretty amazed at the number of chasers I'm hearing from heading out this weekend. I shouldn't be too suprised after what we've been given and the fact it is early June but it got me thinking about something again. When there are gravel grids available every mile I really don't see much need for a circus appearance. Usually shoulders say "for emergencies only"...or at times they do. I'm surprised cops don't hand out more tickets during large gatherings, especially when there are gravel roads every mile to easily just pull off on. Just a thought and something I try to be more aware about when I'm out there adding to the crowd. My car and anyone with me really don't even register when we're parked off on a gravel road aways. I guess it is just something new that bugs me when I see 10 cars straddling a highway right next to this perfect gravel road. I do partake in the same things that annoy me so I'm sure I'll be out there contributing to my new annoyance. I plan to try not to though!
Good idea for a thread ... Let's not make more problems this weekend by not giving this some thought ahead of time. I've been guilty of it myself in the past, and it's usually because I'm so distracted by the storm that I don't think about driving and parking. Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri all have GREAT gravel road options for pulling completely off of highways. So with a million chasers likely to hit the area, I'm all for trying to become as unnoticeable as possible this weekend.
I don't have to put extra thought into this because I'm that careful everytime I'm out there. Circus stuff is just the way it is now; I'm not going to alter my orginal plan/desire around a storm because of what soemone else is doing. I pull off the road a safe distance, and make sure myself and all my gear isn't in the road. After that, it's all about the storm.
I have gotten to where if there is a decent secondary road (gravel or dirt) parallelling the main road a mile or so either way I will get on that if there are a lot of chasers or just car in general on the main road.
I totally agree, plus i really dont like pulling into those field access roads either as they are prob private property anyways. I liken the approach of using non paved roads to pull off to what i expect the public to do if there is an accident scene on a highway and i am working the accident. But it doesnt generally work that way. People are curious by nature, just that some dont have common sense. I wont say im not guilty of not pulling off onto gravel once in a while because im not perfect, but under most circumstances i will. Everyone be safe out there.
I agree, I always find a good gravel road to pull down to stay off the highway when observing severe weather.

I don't mind hanging out with other chasers but I will be parking on gravel roads tomorrow if any are available, a COUPLE chasers pulling up is cool but if 10 pull up that could get dangerous/annoying fast.
I agree with the fact there are plenty of gravel and dirt roads to pull off on, just beware of the dirt roads after rain. I pulled off on a dirt road, on the CAPROCK, 12May and got STUCK!!!!
Mike I can releate with your concern. I saw a chaser pull off on the INTERSTATE to take a couple cloud pictures. He even had a big skywarn sticker on the back.
Pulling onto gravel roads is always the safest route to go, that way you arent putting yourself or other motorists at risk. I know I've been guilty of using the interstate shoulder a few times to B.S. or to take photos, but I try not to make it a habit. There's been a lot of times I'll be chasing in a metro area, and gravel roads arent at my disposal, I think that would be an OK time to use the shoulder as long as you can pull off the road in a safe manner. I know a lot of highway shoulders here in KC have grassy areas you can pull into that way your back end isnt hanging out in the path of traffic, and you dont risk getting hit by oncoming cars when you leave the vehicle.