Chases per year?

Feb 27, 2005
Goehner NE
:?: Just wondering how many chases everyone gets per year? This may have been posted before but I am a new guy so im not sure. I get about 4 or 5 and thats about it. My job and financial situation limits me to the local area.

Last year, I was over 20.. I imagine the same this year and years to come as well... I'm probably going to cut the stat out of that number and eliminate "spotter trips" from that count.
Due to work and family stuff I only get to chase on average 9 chase's a year. 2003 I only chased 3 times. :( This year I have made arangements with work and I should be able to chase more. However, gas prices may put a hold on that plan.

Depends on whether you call it a "chase" or a "spot"... I keep track of all my trips for mileage purposes, so last year's count of chases OVER 150 miles round trip totaled 22. Chases, or "spots" (local chases < 150 miles round trip totaled 17.

Longest trip = 1433 miles (North Dakota & back)
Shortest trip = 3 tornado days right in town!!

This year, with gas prices (not to get on that soapbox), I'll probably be about 1/3 of that, but perhaps more if I can find chase partners to contribute funds for fuel.

This Sunday will definitely be a good day !! :wink:
1999: 3
2000: 4
2001: 5
2002: 9
2003: 10
2004: 13

2005: 2 (so far, obviously; anticipating 15-20)
2000: 2
2001: 4
2002: 5
2003: 7
2004: 7

Hopefully this year, I will end up with around 12-15 chases. :D Already 2 this year...One with Jeff in Paris, TX.
I usually get in somewhere around 10-12 chase days in a year.....most was 18 in 2001, and I chased 14 times last year.
I probably got in 12 last year and prior to that probably 6 total. This year will be far fewer b/c I am not living in OK. I will get as many in as possible when I come out, I'm thinking, the first 2 weeks of May.
1996: 1
1997: 21
1998: 17
1999: 21
2000: 35
2001: 31
2002: 22
2003: 13
2004: 18
I have never kept track of how many times I get out chasing, but I can ballpark it.
2002= 5
2003= 15
2004= 20+
I have not kept track of mileage either, but this is my ESTIMATED number of chases

1999: 1
2000: 2
2001: 2
2002: 4
2003: 6
2004: 3
2005 Estimate: 7~9
My last few years are as follows...

2002 - 11
2003 - 17
2004 - 15
2005 - 1 so far

2005 is likely going to be my biggest year, weather pending as its my senior year and I've got little going on classwise, and due to injuries, won't be playig baseball either so I've got all the time in the world to be out.
offical chases in the past few years:
Plenty of other times I went out to check shelf clouds and avg. Jo Schmoe storms.

99: 3
2000: 15ish
2001: 25ish
2002: 27
2003: 25
2004: 25-30
About 20 this year I expect. Been on two already this year (one hit, one miss-50% ain't bad :D ). Last year I lost count, but I'd say at least 25. Last year I traveled to Nebraska, Iowa, Texas, Kansas several times, and all over Oklahoma. 2003 is too far back to remember . . . lol.

(off topic briefly) I find it surprisingly easier to cut chases short this year, due to gas prices. Last year, I stuck with a storm as long as I could. This year, if it looks like it's gonna die, I split for home. How sad . . . Maybe I need an electric chase vehicle.
I chased 14 times last year, and three times in 2003 (first year out). Of those 10 were busts.

Is it depressing to you guys that we can be so passionate about a hobby, but only pursue it 2 - 7% of the total year. I guess you could count the anticipation and forecasting a few days before the event, and the high you ride a few days after. Also the weather seminars, chaser parties, and chase vehicle building/gear adding. But still, those winters are long. I guess most of us have more than one hobby or pusuit than chasing.
Yes, I have other hobbies. I think what makes storm chasing so special is that there is such a narrow window (March-June) of the year to chase. If I could chase every day of the year I might tire of it. Having that spring anticipation all year is great for me.

I'll refer you to the precedent of Christmas. As kids, we all looked forward to Christmas, because it only came once a year. The principle works for Christmas, and it works for chasing (although I'd prefer one storm intercept to a lifetime of Christmases). If you have to wait for something, it means more to you.
Chasing the last few years? Well, I have only been chasing for 4 years (turned 16 3 years ago)

I would say as follows-

2002- 15 or so
2003- 15-20
2004- 25
2005- 3 so far... I would estimate between 20-30 ... really the sky is the limit however, if it is within a driveable distance and I can go, i'll be there.

I agree with the previous poster about chasing. Every chase to me feels like Christmas morning, no doubt about that.