Chaser Conference location

Apr 11, 2004
Duncan, Oklahoma
Even though the Chase Convention has been hosted in Denver, CO. since it started, I wonder how many other chasers would attend if it were to be held in a location that was more centrally located in the plains.
I know Roger Hill and Tim Samaras are founding members and that they are based out of Colorado which makes Denver an ideal location to host the convention from their perspective but it can inhibit some chasers who would like to attend, but because of the distance and cost of staying in Denver they don't. The weather could be an added issue as seen with this year’s convention though it is not always the case.
Obviously this post has NO bearing on next year’s convention. I am just curious what other chasers think.
If you could pick a location to hold the convention, where would you choose?

***No offense to Roger and Tim who do provide a needed service and nothing should be taken away from them no matter where it is held.***
I believe that for the time being, it probably needs to stay right where it's at.

About the only real change for me to attend would be if it were held in Wichita or OKC. Then I would be a definite attendee.

However, part of the whole idea is to get out and travel to these other areas. Many cases, a lot of folks haven't been to Denver and there is quite a bit to do and see outside the convention.

It wouldn't matter if it were held in Saint Louis, Dallas, KCMO, or really anywhere. Denver is reasonably centrally situated. This lets the folks from BOTH coasts as well as our overseas bretheren to be able to get into a major airport if they are flying in.
I would attend if it were held in either OKC or Wichita. Denver is a bit too far out for me to drive, though I would love to go. But I also hate snow too, I hate snow so that's another reason I don't go is because I don't want to fight the snow.
Although I would probably be a more likely attendee if it were it wichita or okc, I still think it should be in denver for some of the same reasons John stated like the fact that it is a more major airport and it is a city with a lot else to do. I also think that the people who started the whole thing should be able to decide where they want it. After all we are the ones bennefiting from their hard work.