Chase trip

Jan 29, 2004
Canton, Ohio
I've finally gotten to take my chase vacation in the best 3 weeks for chasing. I'll be out in KS the weeks of May, 16, 23, and 30th. 3 months and counting :D 8)
I'll be out there from May 21st through the 29th. Its not three full weeks, but thats the best I can do this year. Email me before you head out and we'll exchange contact info.
That's good to hear Chris. I know you had a situation last year that forced you to change your plans somewhat. But it's good to hear that this year you'll be able to chase the peak weeks. Hopefully they will be active ones for you.

And if you need anything, I plan to sit around the computer and monitor things as much as possible like I did last Spring. So feel free to call me up if you need any data.