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As a chaser, is your history mainly:

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Dec 10, 2003
Great Plains
As a chaser, these questions may prove very interesting!

Im sure that will know who's honest or not with a FEW of these questions :lol: :lol:

Feel free to comment on your answer if you wish to!

Looking forward to spring just a few months away---

Mostly busts, but the occasional great days. It varies year to year. Some years I'm the man, some years I'm a mouse.
I voted Half Busts, Half great days. I guess it all depends on the year. Last summer was probably the most I've busted... but I've had a few memorable chases as well... so technically I guess I could say half and half.
I voted half and half. It depends on what is a bust for you. I dont consider a bust as a day where i dont catch a tornado. If i get on a good supercell with some hail and a wall cloud thats a good chase. Busts to me are capped days or nothing but sunshine when you were expecting 60,000 ft. monsters. (hate those days). or ofcourse when you chose the wrong target area and miss the big show while everybody else within 500 miles gets it on video. I have missed Throckmorton days more than once (original member of the throckmorton bust club). My partners call me the "mayor of throckmorton". I have decided anytime they are in the risk area im heading straight there and sitting no matter what is happening elsewhere. :D
Usually, I don't get a chance to even get close, when I see something interesting I am usually on my way to someplace else, home, work, shopping with my wife etc.
It's kind of a numbers game for me. If you go out all the time, not just on days that look to be certain, then you will bust alot. But then again, this would only count for tornado days. If you coulnt the chases that I get great lightning shots on, or incredibly colorful sunsets behind a supercell, then the bust days drop drametically.
My definition of busting means just totally blowing it to the point that I miss the storms totally. I'm happy with whatever Mother Nature chooses to give me with a particular storm, whether it's the structure of a mountainous Cb, rain and hail (hopefully more hail than rain :wink: ), an electrical show, watching the evolution from clear to storm, or the rainbow or sunset after the storm. I have yet to get a daytime tornado (lucked out on my so far only tornado on vid...just dropped in the nieghborhood that night, so gotta keep trying there :)) . Each day just brings a new challenge, new sights, and new things to be learned...that's the best part of chasing.
Since busts come with the territory I've cultivated an interest in the history, geology, and geography of the Great Plains. Admittedly not many people get the chance to pursue this kind of thing (especially when you're chasing on a tight schedule), but when you can put on your Sir Francis Drake cap and play explorer, it does provide a great outlet for dampening the disappointment of a bust, or spending time while waiting for convection to get going.

Another interesting possibility: geocaching!

I can't lie......I must be a natural storm deterrent!! :lol:

04' is MY YEAR!!!! :wink:
Given the fact that most of my chases are lightning I picked Mostly great days, but I occasionally bust. A bust for me is not getting a shot I like.