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May 7, 2005
South Carolina
[/b]I'm looking for a chase partner this year, if anyone is interested. I live in the NW tip of South Carolina, and chase from here through the Plains, especially Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas/Missou and Arkansas. I'll be chasing from mid-March through Mid-June. When nothing is going on of course, I'll be back here in SC. What I'm planning on doing is just being ready to go at the drop of a hat. I can chase alone, but some of the time, it would be nice to have somebody helping out with the laptop, maps, etc. Here's the good news.....I'll be willing to pay for everything, IF you know what you're doing, because sometimes...I don't. I'll pay for all the gas, and the hotel. I usually stay in something like the Embassy Suites, so there is a separate living room, and kitchenette, 2 TV's, and always wireless internet. You buy your own food and incidentals. You would have to meet me somewhere, as I couldn't drive to..say Illinois, on a chase to Texas. I use a weather/police scanner, laptop with unlimited internet through my cell phone, which works great, CB, and I'm getting the GPS navigator installed to get me from one place to another as quickly as possible. Hopefully, I'll have satellite weather data as well.
I take chasing seriously, but love to have fun doing it. I eat when I can, not always when I WANT to, and I have been known to use a bathroom wherever I The bad thing...I'm a smoker, so take that in consideration. I know there are a lot of people out there who know what they are doing, but it can get expensive chasing all the time. So if anyone wants to ride along some of the time, just let me know, because I could sure use the help. **moderators, if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it**
I can vouch for Steve's love of chasing. He was helping nowcast for me on Jan 2, 2006. I was in Western GA, and he was relaying radar reports from his cell/laptop as he was making his way westward from South Carolina. Thanks Steve!

He helped me intercept the tornadic supercells that moved out of Alabama as small cells and then erupted into supercells as the paraded across the southern metro area. I did however get stuck on the wrong side of the storms :-(, but I take full responsibility for that. The were speedracers! It was a blast and even though I was "chasing alone", it did add a certain level of comfort to know that I had another good source of realtime wx info.
I'm also looking for a partner. I've recently relocated to Austin, TX. I should be chasing towards the TX panhandle at the first available oppurtunity. I will also probably do a plains chase late spring/early summer.

Wasn't there a sticky topic on chasers looking for partners in the past?

Im more than willing to take people along w/ me provided they pay for gas and hotel stay if neccessary. The only requirement is that they have radar b/c I dont. Up through the first two weeks of may Im at school at OU in Norman but then Im at home in Ft. Worth. So just send me an email if anyone is interested. I have about two years experience.
I am more than willing to take along some people with me this year. I work the graveyard shift and have a fairly flexible schedule. I just relocated from Tulsa to Miami, Oklahoma. Storms are a passion of mine and I don’t have to see a tornado to consider it a success. Some good storm structure and rotation will do. All I ask is to split gas costs and hotel if needed. I dont have a whole lot of experience, but I have been chasing for about two years and I am learning more and more each day by reading books and watching videos. If you are a newbie and are wanting to learn more I am more than willing to take you along. Equipment I will have include a weather radio, ham radio (may or may not get my licence this year), wx worx radar, delorme gps, laptop with wifi, possibly cingular edge internet service, digital camera and camcorder. Most of the time I will probably have to meet somebody somewhere on chase day since not much usually happens way up here in far NE Oklahoma, but that is no problem and we can iron out those details if needed. If my work schedule allows it (which it should most of the time), I will be out chasing. Distance doesnt matter to me as I will chase just about anywhere. Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Missouri. If interested get back with me via pm or email.
I will probably post my phone number information when it gets closer to chase season.

Originally posted by CHris Whitehead
The only requirement is that they have radar b/c I dont.

I don't really think this should be a "requirement" if you want a chase partner. Not everyone (including knowledgeable chasers) can afford these expensive toys. Having someone who knows what they are doing and willing to help with gas would be enough I'd think.

With that said, anyone who is looking for a parner in Central or Northern IL, shoot me an email. I'm willing to team up with people to make gas not so expensive, and because it's more fun to chase with someone.
I'm also looking for a chase partner for the 2006 season. I have a 4wd Honda (Stick shift) with radio scanner, wx radio, and GPS. I have a bit of chase experience, having chased locally around central Iowa for the past few years. I also chased the 6/2/05 Colorado supercells and the 6/4/05 high risk. I would also be interested in going with a more experienced chaser and shouldering a large proportion of the costs (such as all gas and hotels). I should be able to chase from mid-may through early june and, if luck somehow prevailed, and we were provided with a consistent 2-4 week active pattern, I would be able to make it an extended trip for the entire time. Since that probably wont happen, I would be more than happy to cut the time period into various short chase trips. Just PM me or send me a message at [email protected] if you are interested in chasing with me.
-Alex Fisher
I've just relocated to Fort Smith, AR and I'm looking for a chase partner or two as well. I am willing to use my vehicle if needed, and am willing to travel quite a ways if schedules allow. If you need another passenger or are looking for someone to team up with in the Fort Smith area, drop me an email or a pm. Thanks

Pittsburg, KS

We are always looking for people who want to ride along around the pittsburg, ks area also we are looking for people who want to follow along. We have internet access + eithernet and wifi hookup in the car so if you have a laptop you are more then welcome to follow along and get data or ride along please e-mail me and i will give you more contact info

[email protected]


Tyler KB0PQP
This is pretty much to anyone who will be chasing in the SE Kansas area this season, I've sold much of my storm chasing gear due to financial reasons, but if you're in this area chasing and need a partner you can always give me a buzz.

I'm a freelance videographer, I have a XL1S and all the works so I'd be a benefit in that aspect 8)

If you want my contact info email me, [email protected]
I wouldnt mind joining some folks on chases this coming season. Probably just one or two day chases in the NE, IA and possibly KS or SD area I would be willing to drive to a location to meet up or whatever the situation calls for. I am looking not only to make chaseing more economical but also looking to expand my experience. My name is Dustin Wilcox and I am a 20 year old from Arlington Nebraska (Just 30 Miles NE of Omaha). I am currently a college student at the University of Nebraska majoring in either meteorology or fisheries and wildlife (I'M TORN). I have chased solo in the Eastern Nebraska area for three years now. I could be a great navigator to those not to familiar with NE I no the state of Nebraska very well. I dont have a whole lot of equipment just a scanner and a computer but that seems like plenty too me. If anyone is interested in tag teaming a chase sometime or even convoying a chase feel more then free to give me a shout. I would be more then willing to split costs, just drop me a message!!!!!!!
Dallas Area

Just moved to the Dallas, TX area and am looking for someone to ride along with. I'm willing to help pay gas, etc. I love weather- don't have an education or much knowledge of it- so I can't help in that way. But I love to take pictures of storms, share the cost in chasing, and I'm someone to enjoy the chase with! My email is [email protected] if anyone is willing to have me tag along that lives in the DFW area...
If anyone's going to be in/around the Eastern KS/Western MO area this season, I wouldn't mind taking some extra people along. I'll provide the Internet access, radar, police scanners, wx radio, etc. All I ask is for someone to split costs as far as gas is concerned (50%, or however it plays out). I've been chasing for close to 12 years now, so I have a good amount of experience under my belt. If anyone's interested, please send me a PM or e-mail me at shotgun1481 (AT) yahoo (DOT) COM.
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Hey guys,

I am looking for a chase partner anywhere from TX/OK/KS/NE/IA/AR/MS. This will be my first time chasing in the States, I am there from 27th April to 26th May this year.
I have several years of chasing, but without any big experiences with systems like in the States. I am of course willing to split prices for gas, internet access, room sharing, etc. I also have a laptop with WIFI access and can also connect to the net via cell phone (even its expensive), Delorme Street Atlas 2006 with Earthmate GPS and GRlevel3 radar. Besides I have a good digital camera and hopefully I will also have a camcorder.
Would be cool to find someone with unlimited internet access like Threat Net or something like that, because I unfortunatelly cannot afford it for now. For the first time its just too much money.

If anyone is interested get back with me via pm or email.


I am a meteorologist from the Saint Louis metro area, and will chase as far out as TX to ND depending on the storm setup and time alloted. I have talked to a few of the ST members from STL... and will hopefully have more opportunities this year for some good chases. I would love to make some KC contacts since I always pass thru there anyways for most Kansas chases. I have a boatload of crap to chase with, so if you are a newb or short on hardware... don't fret. I also have a reliable car that I don't mind tearing up with hail and mud and debris... but I will try not to.

For those of you I talked to in 2005, I will try to get ahold of you within the next 2 months before things get cranking weather-wise.

For those of you I haven't talked to before, give me a PM.

-Matt Havin
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