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Do You Think ST Forums Needs A Periodicals Section?

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One big difference between today’s Stormtrack Forum and the old periodical hard copy that people reminisce about is the articles, case studies, white papers, Funnies that used to be in the hard copy. No doubt the current forum is a good resource, but I think we would all benefit from regular more formal items contributed on a monthly basis. People could submit items in advance for approval and mods / admin post to the appropriate section. Perhaps some of this could be found in other sections of ST but I think the Forum is by far the most popular and it's search and index capability and ability to place in it's own section makes it ideal for this type of material.

I really miss some of the old papers from the periodical - so much to learn and share. Things like Tim Marshall's 'Dryline Magic'.

I imagine it would only take a very limited amount of effort to consider / approve submissions for the month. The rest would just be posting the text or URL - such as to a HTML, PDF, or PowerPoint.
I think this would be a good idea, but I think we've had a hard enough time getting frontpage stories (on main page). I know there's been a few times in the past few years that Tim has asked for stories for the main page, but I think folks are too busy or just don't think about it (or are too lazy LOL). I'll admit that I haven't written anything for the frontpage, but this would be a good reminder to feel free to write something!
Anything that brings back a flavor of what the old Stormtrack Magazine used to have gets my vote. ^_^

(Sounds like a great idea).

As of now, the poll shows 38 people in favor of such a section... But I think a more appropriate poll would be: Do you plan on contributing?

The reason I say that is because, as others have noted, the front page was what everyone is asking for - yet nobody contributed. I admit, I'm more of a reader than a contributor when it comes to that kind of stuff (aka; lazy, busy, etc.)