Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium

Joey Ketcham

Due to limted vacation and wanting to save it for chasing, I won't be attending the Chaser Convention. I do plan on attending the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium in Lincoln Neb. on Mar. 24th. As of right now Chris Wilburn and Tyler Costantini plan on going as well.

Is anyone else going to be attending?

It's a ways out still, obviously if severe weather is expected I opt out and go chasing instead.
I have said I would go for the past two years. Hell, I even drove to Omaha the first year, but still didn't make it over there. This year I say no way.........but we'll see, that's just reverse psychology...:)
I will be there,stop over at the REACT booth and introduce yourself.Dr.Dewey puts on a great symposium each year and is a great teacher.