Special Severe Weather Training/Spotting Class In Kansas City on 6/18

Joe Lauria

May 17, 2007
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I wanted to alert those who live close by and who have in interest in storm chasing/spotting/discussion that FOX 4 in Kansas City is holding a Severe Weather Training Session/Spotter Class and more on SATURDAY JUNE 18th beginning @ 9AM and going till about 12:30. This will be a benefit for Project "Storm Relief" which is our stations effort to raise funds for the tornado victims in Joplin and Sedalia, MO and Reading, KS. ALL proceeds will go to this effort.

Tickets are FREE and are first come first serve @ Union Station (Extreme Theater) the day of the seminar/show. We're asking for donations to our Storm Relief Project. The theater holds about 450 with around 50 potential overflow permitted. My suggestion would be there before 8:45 to guarantee a seat.

This show is in response to the tremendous curiosity in light of the crazy severe weather season we've experienced. A schedule of speakers is included...

1) An insurance representative potentially from the Joplin area. He will talk about ways to be sure everybody has their insurance coverage in order and ways to make sure that they're properly prepared should the worse hit.
2) A Child Psychologist offering adults ideas/ways to help ease their child's fear/concerns/anxiety concerning severe weather/tornadoes
3) Chris Novy, a nationally known SKYWARN trainer who will be talking about situational awareness in chasing scenarios.
4) Andy Bailey NWS-EAX (Thunderstorm Basics and Intro to Storm Spotting)
5) Reed Timmer (A video recap of the 2011 tornado season so far)-++++WILL NOT APPEAR++++(Production continues on TV Show)
6) Panel Discussion concerning topics perhaps not covered in the previous talks."

It's geared towards the general population for the most part and any person who would normally attend a NWS Severe Weather Spotter Training Session held each spring in W MO and E KS as well as families who are more sensitive for whatever reason to severe weather.

We have a lot of other things planned or are working on and hope to see many from the chaser community out there...it should be interesting to see how everything looks on the Extreme screen.

Thanks for your time reading through this!

Joe Lauria
FOX 4 Meteorologist
Kansas City, MO
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