Canon L lens, 2x II converter and photo backpack

Chad Love

Feb 19, 2004
I'm rearranging and clearing out some of my photo gear and thought I'd post this stuff in the marketplace.

Canon 300mm f4 L IS - Optically the lens is perfect, glass is pristine and clean, no cleaning marks, fungus, scratches, etc. Cosmetically it's not mint, but very very close. A couple tiny, barely visible wear marks on the tripod collar and two even tinier little scuffs on the barrel. Other than that it's perfect. I'm the original owner and it's been babied since I got it. I will include a Kirk Arca-style QR plate ($52 from Kirk), a Tamrac lens bag and it comes with all original packaging, box, manual, etc. $950 plus shipping.

Canon EF 2x extender II - This is the new version. Whereas my 300 is used, this converter is literally brand new. It's been on my camera exactly once and then put right back in the box and hasn't been used since. I got it with the intention of eventually using it on a 300 2.8 (it doesn't work very well at all on the 300f4, no autofocus obviously with the 10D) but I never got around to getting one and I'm doing more landscape and photojournalism stuff now, so I've never used it. $250 plus shipping and it comes with everything it came with new.

Lowepro Photo Trekker AW - Very lightly used for a couple months and then stuffed in a closet when I went to a smaller bag. Black, perfect condition, no rips, tears, sweat stains, worn spots, etc. This is the all-weather version that's waterproof and has the rain jacket. This bag is bulletproof, but it is big, holds a lot of gear and is a bit bulky. $120 plus shipping.

PM me if interested. I go back to Norman quite frequently so anyone interested who lives in the metro area I'd be happy to bring it down and meet you somewhere.

Chad Love
Woodward, Ok
What's the story behind selling the 300mm IS? That's my next purchase... but sadly, not this soon! Was it the purchase of the 300 f/2.8?

BTW: Props to Lowepro. They make excellent bags.

To be honest it's a combination of wanting to focus a bit more on landscapes and less on wildlife for a while and simply getting the itch to try some new lenses. I'm still planning on the 300 2.8 IS, but realistically it's still about three or four years down the road, either that or a 500 f4 IS (if i hit a lottery or write that bestseller...).
In the meantime, I thought I'd play around with some new lenses, maybe some shorter, faster stuff. I'm keeping my 70-200 IS and a 1.4x converter so in a pinch I can slap it on if I need a bit more reach.
I will say, however, that I have mixed feelings about selling it. It's actually a really versatile lens. It was my first L lens, it's razor sharp and the IS is a boon. When you are ready to get one you definitely won't be disappointed.
But I'm temporarily kinda burned out on birds and wildlife and most of the newspaper and landscape stuff is shot with with the 70-200 or the 17-40. Plus, as good a macro lens as it is in a pinch with the converter on it (that combo is a great reptile and butterfly lens, BTW) I'd like to try a dedicated 100mm macro and maybe even some underwater stuff.
The only thing i didn't like was how it performed with the 2x converter. I know the 2x really shines with the 300 2.8 (that's really why I bought it) but the one time I tried it on the 3004 the images were considerably softer than with the 1.4X. Don't know much a function that may have been of the converter itself because I know it was designed to be used with the 300 2.8 and the 500-600f4. Of course you lose autofocus, too, unless you're shooting a 45-point AF camera. I tried the old taping the contacts trick to fool the camera but I never could get the autofocus to lock on anything, even in bright daylight. With the 1.4x, however, it's the best bang-for-the-buck long telephoto out there.