Can you self educate yourself about all the elements of weather?

May 31, 2004
Peotone, IL
I was just wondering because up until last year i had not been to school for any type of meteorological studies and have become very familiar with alot of the ABC's of weather(cloud types, features, temperature charts, and etc) and i was wondering if anyone taught themselves the more complex charts and models? its hard to explain i keep having conflicts in my own head about whether its worth looking up the research and trying to "study" it or just go at it fresh when the material is presented to me a few years down the line......

i was just wondering if there was anything to get me a headstart so at least i can some knowledge?? just trying to get a headstart when i transfer so i can succeed and in case i dont understand it which knowing me i definately over think things, i can have some time to figure it out?

i dont expect much but a little can go a long way
I have pretty much taught myself all I know about weather. There are sooo many resoureces on the net, you could pretty much teach yourself everything that "students in school" learn if you set your mind to it. Luckily for me, I'm the storm chaser for KAMR-TV in Amarillo so I have learned a lot from the Meteorologists there in the last 6 years.

Here are a few sites that I enjoy studying from time to time: There are 19 chapters in this study guide. Just replace the number in the above link (chapter1,2,3,etc..)to whatever chapter you want to go to.
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I have taught myself a lot. However, I learned some things from school too this year when some meteorology was taught. I started educating myself in weather with Jet Stream two years ago. But of course, I was 15 years old by that time.
Don't forget Tim V's books as well. Most of what I've learned is self taught, with some tidbits from veteran chasers, going to workshops, all that good stuff.