BLACK FRIDAY - $250 Toshiba laptop anyone?

Oct 20, 2004
Huntsville, AL
For those of you willing to stand in line for hours.......

Best Buy is selling a Toshiba laptop with 512MB RAM, 60G HD, DVD/CD burner combo, with a Celeron M 420 (1.6GHz) for.........$250 instantly!!

Crap! This is the best deal I have ever seen on a budget laptop ever. I expect a lot of tramplings and fighting breaking out to get these things.

Best Buy opens Friday at 5 AM. This is NOT a gamer laptop (shared video memory), but this is a good fit for those of you in need of a chaser laptop on the cheap. Keep in mind this puppy does not come with a serial port, so if you're still stuck in the 20th century, you're out of luck.
I wouldn't call it "stuck" in the 20th century! ;)

While I would definitely camp out for this, I'm not about to catch a boot in the face just cuz I want a new lappy.
I've had two Toshiba laptops -both were very trouble prone and overheating shutoff prone - maybe they got the problems fixed now but buyer beware !

Jon Miller
seems like a budget laptop to me. A celery processor is just "old" now a days. ... and 512 ram? yikes.
Just my 2 cents worth, but hey, only work on them for a living!
seems like a budget laptop to me. A celery processor is just "old" now a days. ... and 512 ram? yikes.
Just my 2 cents worth, but hey, only work on them for a living!

It's $250, of course its a budget laptop.

I'm running Windows XP, 512mb ram, 1.4mhz Pentium and 40gb hd. My computer is perfectly fast for everything I do. Upgrading to Vista is going to be different story though.
I figured that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have an inexpensive laptop that I wouldn't have to worry about beating up while chasing so I spent 4 hours in line last night and didn't get the darn thing. People had tents pitched outside of Best Buy. Oh well, I walked out with a great deal on a Canon Printer and some DVD-R's. It probably wasn't worth my time though after dealing with the fools that charged the store even though they were last in line at the end of the parking lot after the line wrapped around the building and back :mad:
seems like a budget laptop to me. A celery processor is just "old" now a days. ... and 512 ram? yikes.
Just my 2 cents worth, but hey, only work on them for a living!

Yeah, I'm going to agree with Bill... At $250, it's obviously a budget laptop. I'm running a new Toshiba with a Celeron M380 (1.7Ghz), 512MB RAM, ATI X200 (shared memory), and a 60GB HDD. I got it for $299 or $399 at Circuit City (instant rebates, which I like). Being a "celery", I can run SimCity 4, Far Cry, and other games, in addition to doing all of the productivity that I need for my business.

My only complaint? Battery life is horrible.

As for Vista - screw it. WinXP does everything I need, and my next system is going to be a Mac.
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I'm getting a Mac too.

Setting up a MAC to work with WX-Worx/ GPS in Windows environment was a challenge that kept us busy during our off days last spring. Best to have this and the cell phone software up and running before the first warnings come out.

I'm sure there will be folks that come on and say "nothing to it:rolleyes:," but it helps to speak both languages. I finally got it to work consistently but it was far from plug and play.

Gene Moore
No computers for me, but I did get me a 32" LCD TV for $630 that is very nice.
Well, Best Buy was crazy........ I went by 4 different locations 5 hours before opening and just laughed at the hundreds of people in line. I ended up camping out at an abandoned Office Depot for a couple hours and got a laptop for $299.....and was a bit better model than the Best Buy one. It is budget, but who cares? My last one cost over $1000 5 years ago, weighed almost twice as much, and had half the speed of the new one. Gotta love technology!

Me and a buddy went down to both Best Buy and Office Depot to get these laptops so our families could use them. We were about the 50th person in line. In both locations- they had run out of the laptops. We asked the store employee at Office Depot how many they had for the $299 price and he replied back saying they had 4 at that price... What a joke... Oh well...
so in the search for budget laptops, has anyone searched on line for these items?
Tigerdirect as an example has a laptop for 399
Just thinking that you could find one on line for about the same price. Maybe not... just asking is al. The best buy here near me actually had one guy punching someone in the head to get in before he did! It was just nuts!
My laptop cost me $1400 a couple of years ago. I would love to get a new one. This one's a little big and bulky for chasing. I'd love to get a smaller and lighter one, but that will come when I have some extra cash to spare. Until then, I'll just go with this one. Oh, and this one is a Toshiba and I love it. I've never had any problems with it. My previous laptop was a Compaq and it was a piece of crap. I will never buy Compaq again. The battery life was terrible and it kept shutting off.
Hmm, that is the perfect description of my dad's compaq too... except there is NO battery life, has to be plugged in 24/7 and the springs on the screen are useless.... My b-day/x-mas guarentee was a new dell Inspiron 1505, im excited about that one... so many ideas, so little time, and a low budget!