Best Lower-end than the other low-end camcorders thread?

Ben Engle

Jan 28, 2004
Blairstown, IA
Ok, so I'm starting a new discussion. I know there's one about low end camcorders. The one's in that thread, I consider high-end. I'm a college kid on a budget, and I'm looking for something basic and digital, and about 1/4 of the price of a TVR900 or whatever, just able to catch the big picture of the storm, not anything too terribly awesome or nice. Something small, durable, and the ability to transfer via USB to a PC. Thanks guys!

Ben, I would buy a used Sony DCR trv20 or 25 miniDV. Very good in low light, very durable, low res still image capability. I have chased with 2 of them for 5 years, there the best camcorder for the least amount of money at there. They do not make them new anymore you will have to buy them used usually about $200-300.00 on ebay.
I love Canon products, Ive been using a ZR-60 for four years now as a digital recorder for my RC aircraft video downlink. I also take it out chasing as a good onboard tripod cam. The ZR100 looks good also as they dont make the ZR60 anymore, it can be had for $250-$300 also.
I think Darren Addy came across a way to "hack" a disposable video camera being sold at gas stores so that the camera is reuseable. Probably not the "best" camera out there, but at ~$40, it's probably the cheapest. :)