BASIC digital camcorder suggestions

Mar 24, 2005
Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the board and hence I have to dust off my chase equipmetnt. One piece of equipment that I am retiring is my now defunct VHS-C camcorder. This thing was the @$# in 1996. Well its half way through 2005 so I need to get with the program (battery is all but toast). :( What I am wondering is what would be a decent digital camcorder model be in the 300-400 price range? Its been a while since I have shopped around so any suggestion is appreciated..

I recently purchased a Canon ZR 100 for about $330 (

It works pretty descent. Thing is though you have to keep it really still otherwise the digital focus thing can get annoying blurring in and out with your movements. otherwise it is pretty user friendly. but it is my first and only who knows. I like it though.
We got a Canon ZRxxx also and like it. It's only a 1/6" CCD so you're not going to get great very low light performance. The one button infinity focus is a very handy feature, as is the IEEE 1394 (Firewire) port, the 20x optical zoom with decent glass, and the ability to take 1024x768 stills and store them to a flash card. I put a $40 Cokin screw-in 0.5x wideangle on. It protects the lens and is a wide-angle when you need it, which is often for storms.