Ball Lightnings...What a mysterious thing

Jun 26, 2004
Italy/Tornado Alley
Hi all
Ball Lightnings are a strange and misterious kind of lightning too often not so much considered by fisicians, but in the last 10 years have been revalued.
Ball lightnings usually occur during a thunderstorm after a lightning strike and they appear like a "globular ball of fire". They generally have a diameter between 20cm and 1m...But someone can reach 10m.
But the insane thing is that often these "balls of fire" actually enter buildings through windows and doors! This is nearly unbelivable, but is actually documented. You can see'em in the day or in the night.

I make one example:

In the march of 1991, in Catania(Italy...The place of the last italian nice tornado) a little ball lightning of 4cm entered the window of a house, fell down and rebounded 3 times incredibly against the floor. At the end it disappeared and remained a smell of sulphur.

This is a simulated photo of a ball lightning taken from:


I've never seen a ball lightning during a thunderstorm....
And you?
Saw a previous thread on here earlier on this topic...I did catch ball lightning on video in August of 2002...I'll still try and get some caps up sometime soon for that.