August 7, 1979, Violent Ontario Wedge Tornadoes

Jul 8, 2004
London, Ontario, Canada
Hello ST (this is my first post):

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of a major SW Ontario violent tornado event (3 tornadoes with 2 being long tracked monsters that produced damage that was rated F4).

This is the first time I've seen a picture of the event online (hopefully these links will persist for a while). This is one of only two pictures I know of from that day (The other picture is on page 132 of "Significant Tornadoes"), and both are of the tornado in Woodstock (early in it's lifecycle - IIRC, the damage was rated in the F1 - F2 range at this point):

It became a monster wedge SE of town (with a 35 mile long path length). The second of the links below mentions that the path SE of Woodstock was up to 2 km wide, and I will add that it was that wide for quite a distance (I toured the damage path SE of Woodstock extensively two days after the event) and it wiped a number of small communities off the map. It amazed me that large stands of forest adjacent to the path were all markedly tilted in towards the path for long distances. Apparently the other F4 was also long tracked.

The mostly human interest stories (with gross meteorological errors and over-simplifications) are at:

Nice to see some coverage of what was one of the most important violent tornado events in Canadian history and is often overlooked (I consider this as or more important than the 31 May 1985 Barrie event, because of what it could have done had it been centered on a major urban centre).