Attention: "Wizard of Oz" like tornado video wante

Attention all Stormtrack members:
If anyone has any stock video of a "Wizard of Oz" like rope tornado please either post here or contact me immediately at [email protected]
My high school is presenting "The Wizard of Oz" (in which I play the wizard himself! :D ) on November 18, 19 and 20. We need a video of a tornado similar to the one in the movie (backlit much preferred) approximately three to five minutes in length so we can do the tornado scene. I will pay for the video and as an added bonus whoever provides the video will have credit given to them for providing the video! We need this video by Wednesday November 16th if not sooner than that! Please contact me immediately and if the clips are not online please get them online so I can view them ASAP and choose one.
We are going to project the video onto a huge white drop hanging at the back of the stage from the audiotorium balcony; do ya think it'll work?
Immediate response desired.