Are these Mammatus real?

I've lost track how many times this has been brought up in various They b real. They b ps'd as well, but only ps'd as in adjusted contrast/brightness, etc.
Heavy, heavy, heavy Photoshopping going on here. The cloud elements between photo #1 and #2 are very close (probably within 2 minutes of each other) but the contrast and balance are radically (absurdly) different. I have never seen anything remotely resembling #1 or #3 in the field.

Photo #2 is the only one that looks genuine and realistic. Photos #4 and #5 are probably genuine, too, but zoomed and framed to make the mammatus look extra big.
At the very least, photos 1 and 3 must have been darkened or had their contrast tinkered with in some way because they look nothing like the rest of the photos. But photo 2 looks normal enough. Since 4 and 5 are consistent with 2, they probably could be real too.
Having witnessed this event here in Grand Island, I can tell you that photo 2 is indeed the most representative. This was a mid to late afternoon event during which mammatus cover roughly between 2/3's and 3/4's of the sky for over two hours.

It was a photo opportunity that doesn't some around very often so naturally I didn't have my camera at work with me :)


Anyone know the date and time on it? I'll post a 1 km sat pic for the "top down" view. Assuming this was seen in Lincoln NE.