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April Weather in the Mohave

Well, I just got back from Ft. Irwin, CA, and I would just like to report some of the weather I have seen over the last month.

Sun: I would say 90-95% of possible sunshine overall.

Winds: 40 mph gusts were normal, most of the time, wind did not diminish with the sunset, and sometimes, it increased. I camped out one night on a small hill, with most likely hurricane force gusts during the night. I don't consider Chicago the windy city anymore, lol.

Temperatures: Daytime: Comfortably warm to slightly hot: 65-90?
Nighttime: Chilly to fairly cold: 34-60?

Rain: 2 out of the 30 days, rain did occur. One day had a violent thunderstorm nearby. (severe warned)

Overall, it was sunny, dry, and windy with poor air quality due to the blowing dust, and I NEVER want to be there again. I did see a few dust devils though.