April 20, 2021 Illinois Spring Snow

Aug 9, 2012
Macomb, IL
Had our latest accumulating snow of the season this morning since 2013 (beating last year's 4/17 winter storm that dropped 7" of snow). We only managed to accumulate about 2-2.5" on most surfaces, but it was enough to weigh the trees down and cause me to lose power for several hours. I have a feeling if this had all fallen overnight, we would have easily double that. Either way it makes for an amazing spring morning. It will likely be all melted by afternoon due to the late April sun angle. Here are some photographs I shot around 8am this morning:

Sony A9 II + 135mm F/1.8 GM

Sony A7RIII + 24-70mm F/2.8 GM

Sony A7RIII + 24-70mm F/2.8 GM

Sony A9 II + 135mm F/1.8 GM

Sony A9 II + 135mm F/1.8 GM

Sony A9 II + 135mm F/1.8 GM

Sony A9 II + 24-70mm F/2.8 GM
Nice winter scenery pic's guys.
That first one looks like something that could be on a Christmas Card.
Wow and I complained about it last night falling. It’s all gone now. I can barely see it on windows of cars.

I live in Illinois too but on the very bottom along the Ohio River in a little town called Metropolis.